I chose to go to a job market to find a job, and I was hired by an employer to work on a construction site. I used this chance to clarify the truth to those people who worked with me. The construction site I worked on was building a bank. The banking director, some government officials, and policemen, etc. heard that I was a Dafa practitioner so they all came up to me to learn about Falun Gong. I clarified the truth to them. I also introduced to them that Dafa teaches people to be kind. Through my clarifying the truth to them, they all returned to having kind ideas about Dafa, and they all respected me very much.

One time, I went with my boss to an army camp to plant flowers and trees. After getting to the army camp, I passed out truth-clarifying materials, but the soldiers were afraid to take them. One soldier took the flyer and then gave it to the leading cadre. After the leading cadre found out, he came to look for my boss. My boss came to me and said: "I think you should stop passing them out. If you keep passing out the flyers, I'm afraid that we wouldn't be able to carry out this project anymore." I calmly and kindly said to my boss: "Don't worry, this project will definitely have no problems."

Later, I found the camp's officer-in-charge and started clarifying the truth to him. He threatened to call the police and get them to arrest me. I suddenly realized that what I was doing was the most sacred thing in the universe. What should I be afraid of? I said: "I have been caught by them many times. If you call them, I am not afraid." When he saw that I was not afraid, he didn't call the police.

After working a whole day in the military camp, all the officers and soldiers already knew that I practiced Falun Gong. On the second day, the soldiers and officers one after another came to me and asked about Falun Gong. I clarified the truth to them one by one. Every day, a platoon of soldiers was sent to work for us four mechanics on the project. I remembered a sentence said by Teacher in the "To All Students at the Nordic Fa Conference," "Every person you come into contact with in society is someone to clarify the truth to, and what's manifest in clarifying the truth is Dafa disciples' mercy and salvation of the people of the world." The soldiers did not tell me to work, but to more fully tell them the true facts about Falun Gong. They surrounded me to ask questions, and once they clarified their understanding about Falun Gong, they would start to work. In this way, the officer-in-charge became extremely frightened. He didn't let the soldiers listen to what I said. Then, I walked to the leader and kindly said to him: "I am just letting them understand the true facts of Falun Gong. What is wrong with being a truthful good person?" The officer couldn't say anything in rebuttal and did not do anything more.

When I was going to work one day, the officer saw me and greeted me in a very nice manner. At that time, my boss's usually extremely nervous frame of mind had fully disappeared. He said that the whole army camp now was reading Zhuan Falun. I had worked for only six days. The four platoons of officers and soldiers had stepped onto Dafa's side. In "The Effect of Righteous Thoughts," Teacher said: "Because the places at higher levels of the cosmic colossal firmament are being cleaned up, destroyed, or assimilated extremely rapidly by the immense force of Fa-rectification, every minute there are countless immense universes that are being swept through by the force of Fa-rectification and at the same time being quickly rectified by the Fa." At the same time, I realized how "assisting the Teacher in the human realm" is so great, solemn, and wonderful.

My job required me to change locations about every week. Through my dedication and commitment, through unremittingly clarifying the truth to those who I associated with, I have made many people with predestined relationships return to their kind state of mind. These people with predestined relationships did all that was in their power to tell the truth of Falun Gong as they know it to the people around them. Some even came to study Fa and do the exercises in my home.