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( Recently, Jiang Zemin's criminal group put on another ugly farce similar to the "Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation." Newspapers such as Qiao Bao and Ming Bao, of which Jiang's group is a shareholder, took the evil's side and copied this malicious article from Xinhua News Agency. However, I strongly feel that now the situation is much different than it was before.

When the so-called "Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation" news came out, all of China and even the whole world was deluded by the lies. Billowing black waves again attacked Dafa. However, after ten months of practitioners' thorough truth clarification, now looking at the old force's last struggle, it's really nothing. In fact, Teacher cleaned out the whole cosmos.

Ever since the September 11 incident, I and several old ladies practiced exercises and distributed materials in front of the Chinese consulate everyday. We turned on our cassette player at 8:50 a.m. sharp, and immediately the tremendous space on both sides of the street in front of the Chinese consulate became bathed in rays of Buddha Fa. Chinese people who came in the morning stood quietly in line watching us do the first four sets of exercises and then we sent forth righteous thoughts. The consulate opens at 10 a.m., and we would take turns doing the sitting meditation and distributing materials until 3 p.m., when the consulate closes. After several months, obvious changes took place here. For instance, today we gave out seventy to eighty truth-clarifying pamphlets, not including newspapers, and more than fifty VCDs. When receiving these materials, people often enthusiastically say, "Thanks!" When we thank them (for accepting the materials), they thank us back. Such a benevolent and harmonious scene surprised and overjoyed us.

A lady walked out of the visa-approving office and walked directly to a fellow practitioner standing next to me. She extended her hand and shook the fellow practitioner's hand saying, "I support you." Her eyes showed sincerity, and it was a very touching moment. It was so wonderful! People are accepting Dafa and are being saved. Two girls were very excited after they read the materials and returned after they had walked a long distance. One of them said that she would return to Mainland China before the Chinese New Year. Her family called her and asked her to bring back truth-clarifying materials of Dafa, so she asked if she could have some more. I gave her the only two VCDs I had left. We set a meeting time on a day early next month, when I'll have more materials ready for her. I told her that I would certainly remember. There are many moving stories like this.

Several days ago an old but energetic man said he already read our materials. After he walked about a 30-feet away, a fellow practitioner asked him in a loud voice, "Have you seen the VCD?" "Oh, no, I haven't." As he said this, he ran back to get one. We talked to him for a little while and he said he wanted very much to write something for us, and that he had a rough draft with him that he'd written, but it was too messy. He said he could copy it down if we wanted to see it. We said, "That'd be good!" So he turned around and went back into the consulate, where he copied and made changes on a desk. We waited outside and after a long time, he stuck his head out to see if we were still there, then he went back in. When he finally came out, we saw that he had beautiful handwriting. He wrote: "Desire for food is only the inborn nature for existence, and only seeking for knowledge and exploration are man's outstanding and independent [quality] that differentiates man from all other species. [That's why] human is called human. Belief is man's knowing nature, it's [man's] understanding of life. There are different levels of seeking knowledge and understanding, which is different with every single individual. People can choose for themselves whether they want to believe or not, but force should never be used to compel [preference], [for] it will lead to troubles and death of people.

"I'm sympathetic and supportive of Falun Gong practitioners. Falun Gong practitioners feared not persecution and censure. They persisted in their belief and never ceased to be diligent. Persevering the right of belief is to defend rational thinking of oneself. When talking about people who hold belief, how can you judge it to be righteous or evil?"

He said that he has always had concern for the Falun Gong issue and he encouraged us to persist. When he left, we all thanked him, but he waved his hand and said, "I want to thank you. Thank you for helping me be a [good] person." Watching his shadow slip away, we wished for his wellness and the wellness of thousands and thousands of clear-headed people of conscience and justice.

For several days, I did not feel the negative impact of the vicious and bloody incidents made by the Chinese governments aimed at tainting the image of Falun Gong. No one mentioned it and no one asked. It's true that things will develop in the opposite direction once it reaches the extreme. There is a saying: "Hoist with one's own petard." The ugly play of the Jiang Zemin criminal group will only help people to realize its sinful purpose and evil nature. As truth clarification deepens, Chinese people will be immune to the lies and will no longer be easily fooled.

Seeing the rapid changes, I deeply feel the immensity and benevolence of the Fa. Teacher said, "When Dafa has consummated everything amidst the tribulation, all of the evil that persecutes Dafa will be finished" ("What Are Supernormal Abilities").

I am so happy, remembering Teacher's poem "Smile" [from Hong Yin, Teacher's poem collection, un-official translation]:

"I smile---all beings awaken.

I smile---Dafa begins spreading.

I smile---the ferry sets off.

I smile---all beings have hope."

The reality of Fa-rectification of the human world is right before us.

December 20, 2001