(Clearwisdom.net) Though my son is only 16 months old, he already has a couple of cultivation stories.

My son's name is Zhengyu. When only a few months old, he would wave his little hands and dance his little feet in joy when I showed him Master's photo. At 15 months of age, he would always do heshi (pressing hands in front of one's chest) upon seeing Master's picture.

Once I was studying the Fa when Zhengyu came over and wanted to cuddle. I pretended as if I did not see him, so he started climbing on me. I gently turned the pages to Master's picture, instantly he stopped climbing and did heshi with both his hands. One day when we were visiting my sister-in-law, I held his cousin in my arms and said to Zhengyu, "Mommy is cuddling your little cousin, not cuddling you." He reacted like nothing happened at all. A fellow practitioner commented, "He's cultivated rather well." Another time when I was clarifying the truth about Dafa to a friend, he suddenly started to mess around, so I said to him seriously, "Zhengyu, what are we here for? Clarifying the truth to people is a very serious matter, what should you do?" He then went and played by himself, and did not even ask for me to cuddle with him when he was feeling sleepy.

Zhengyu loves to watch the practitioners' production of "The Song of Life," and demands that I play it for him everyday. Sometimes his Daddy and I were both busy, so there was no one looking after him. When this happened he would put a piece of newspaper on the floor, sit on the newspaper cross-legged, and then begin to perform the fifth exercise, even though he was doing it incomplete, and could not last very long. Today after I bathed him and put him to bed, he pointed to the cassette recorder, meaning that he wanted to listen to the Fa. I switched on the recorder and went out to do some of cleaning. When I returned I saw him sitting cross-legged on the bed, practising the meditation exercise very seriously.