(Clearwisdom.net) In December of last year, I had a very strong and righteous determination to step forward to validate Dafa. I was on my way to Beijing to validate Dafa, but before I arrived I was stopped and forced back home by my family members. All of my relatives and friends, including a policeman, wanted to stop me from going. Some tried to persuade me, and some slapped me in my face and kicked me. Others scolded me or cried in front of me. My mother even threatened to kill herself. The policeman said that unrestrained, harsh measures were to be applied to Falun Gong practitioners who were caught appealing. However, my mind contained only one thought, "I must step forward. No one will stop me from appealing in Beijing."

With the power of this righteous thought, I managed to shake off layer after layer of obstacles laid down by my family and arrive in Beijing by myself. I had only 200 Yuan with me, enough for only a one-way trip. After appealing I was sent back to the local police station. Due to the increasing detention of Dafa practitioners, the police station that used to have only one female cell was expanded to hold six. All the cells were packed tightly and were in poor shape.

While in jail, I resisted the evil with righteous thoughts. I refused to fill out any forms or even sign my name. I turned down unreasonable demands such as reciting the cell rules. Even though I was directly in front of a surveillance camera, I persisted in studying the Fa and doing the exercises. Here, I'd like to share with you what I witnessed in the jail.

After the head inmate discovered a practitioner doing the Falun Gong exercises in the cell, he reported it to the police as revenge for not getting a coat that he had unreasonably demanded from this practitioner. Upon receiving the report, the director of the police station arrived with chains and shackles, and wanted to torture him. But the practitioner vehemently resisted his attempt with a strong righteous mind. The director became speechless and reluctantly retreated to his office. After that, the head inmate never intervened again when this practitioner did the exercises.

Later, I learned that this practitioner worked as a barber, and several dozen people in his extended family practiced Dafa. His daughter, at the age of 5, could read Zhuan Falun. An average 5-year-old child does not even know the pinyin-Chinese pronunciation system, not to mention Chinese characters. Once in the police station when a police officer asked the little girl whether her father would continue to practice, she immediately said loudly, "Firmly cultivate Dafa with an unaffected heart and mind, Raising one's level is fundamental." (True Nature Revealed) The Teacher's words spoken by the little practitioner greatly inspired her father, and shocked and frightened the evil.

After July 20, 1999, chilly winds swept across Mainland China, but determined Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts, beliefs, and conduct can restrain all evil. Wherever the police arrived, they would arrest people and ransack homes, but they left this practitioner's hair salon alone. Although Dafa books were placed right on top of the table, they dared not step in to touch them. Actually, the evil is nothing in front of genuine Falun Gong cultivators. The entire family of this practitioner went to Beijing to validate Dafa. The local authorities went out in three groups to intercept them on different occasions. Although they incurred expenses amounting to tens of thousands of Yuan, (the average monthly salary for a Chinese urban worker is 500 Yuan) they did not dare to approach this practitioner for compensation. However, in the region where I live, all of the local police's expenses incurred from going to Beijing, be it eating, drinking, or entertainment, were all divided up and collected from among Dafa practitioners.

Some practitioners were enlightened to the fact that they should not embolden the evil by paying them money to secure their release. But fearing the authorities and wanting an early release of the practitioners, some family members paid without letting the practitioners know.

There was another female practitioner in the cell who only had her son as family. She was illiterate but firmly believed in Dafa and Master. She was illegally sentenced to two and a half years in a labor camp for distributing Dafa materials, and her son was sentenced to two years. For persisting in practicing Falun Gong, her home was ransacked many times by the local township government officials. In the beginning, they took away Dafa books, videos, audiotapes, a cassette player, and the TV set. Then, they took away the electric fan, the dryer, a pressure cooker, a husk remover, and the water pump. Later, they took away grain seeds, rice, flour, corn, pigs, cows, the plow, and all other food and agricultural equipment. By doing that, they wanted to send a message: "Let's see if you still want to continue practicing!" Although the practitioner was persecuted into destitution and had difficulty even feeding her family, her heart was filled with Dafa, and both she and her son remained cheerful. Without grain seeds, they grew the leftovers from others. Without enough food, they ate only two meals a day. A few yams or even a bunch of cut vegetables sometimes made a good meal. Nonetheless, the authorities still frequented her home. In the end, they even took away their oil jug, seized their dozen half-grown chickens, and ate the two sausages others had given to the practitioner and her son.

"The evil ones should think twice about their flagrant savagery." (The Chill of Autumn's Winds) Numerous couples have been separated, and families have been broken. These are the crimes committed by Jiang and his accomplices against kind-hearted Falun Gong practitioners.

How the female practitioner's son was illegally sentenced to a labor term was even more ridiculous. After his mother was arrested and detained in the township government, he went to visit her. The police officer said: "You also practice Falun Gong. Do you dare to go to Beijing?" "Why not?" her son replied. Then the evil police officer goaded him, "I'll give you 200 Yuan. I bet you dare not!" The next day he truly went to Beijing to uphold Dafa. The local officials were so scared that they hurriedly sent people to Beijing to look for him. After he was taken back, they threw him in the detention center, fearing that he might again go to Beijing. Consequently, the female practitioner's shabby home now stands empty and lonely in the east end of the village.

The female practitioner and her son were persecuted into destitution by the evil. In spite of this, they persisted in exposing the evil and clarifying the truth as usual.

Several dozen of us have been detained for two months now. Through studying the Fa, we understand that these are the arrangements of the evil. Jail is not the place for us to stay, and we should step out to join the tide of Fa-rectification rather than passively enduring what has been imposed upon us. Some practitioners have succeeded in getting out of the detention center with dignity and have rejoined the tide of Fa-rectification with the power of righteous thoughts.