(Clearwisdom.net) In contemporary society, if you talk about a benevolent heart or benevolent thoughts, most people would think that you are very stupid. Being benevolent means that you would likely be bullied and place yourself in a disadvantageous situation. People do not understand why one should be a benevolent person.

Lamentable sentient beings, forgetting about "benevolence" is identical to acknowledging "evil."

In the "world being poisoned by ten evils," the extensive spread of Falun Dafa has knocked on the numb hearts of the people around the world and awakened countless hearts that were hibernating yet still had conscience and benevolent thoughts!

Yesterday, my 17-year-old son and I watched the video "The Song of Life" produced by Dafa disciples. Seeing group after group of practitioners fearlessly unfurling banners of "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance" on gloomy Tiananmen Square with heightened security, and shouting out loud, "Falun Dafa is Good!" in the face of the utterly inhuman policemen with electric batons in their hands, my son was moved to tears. Seeing that after one group of practitioners was cruelly knocked down, another group rushed forward in the face of death, tears ran down his face. His benevolent thoughts were awakened by the fearless great benevolence and forbearance of Dafa practitioners. From the practitioners, my son felt the mighty power and magnificence of the universal principle.

My son was brought up in a comfortable environment, so it was very hard for him to understand the inner meaning of "sacrifice." However, when he saw the grand feats of the ordinary yet righteous, courageous, benevolent and tolerant practitioners on Tiananmen Square, his heart was deeply touched. Eventually, he came to understand why Dafa practitioners went to Tiananmen Square, and he also came to realize that if he had been able to know this one day earlier, it could have meant less practitioners making sacrifices on Tiananmen Square. He told me in tears, "Mom, I will support Dafa practitioners. I will take the SOS petition letter to school and collect signatures and clarify the truth to my teachers and classmates. I should play this VCD in my school."

Hearing this, I was also greatly moved, not only by the grand feats of the practitioners, but also by the awakening of my son's benevolent thoughts, and by the unknown practitioners who have been persistently clarifying the truth to people of the world while asking for nothing in return. Your selflessness and sacrifice have awakened the benevolent thoughts of the people of the world. The benevolence is spreading and expanding, and the awakening of the benevolent thoughts has given people hope!