Located near the northeastern border of China, Mudanjiang City has a long history and beautiful culture. Today, however, it has turned into a city of horrors in the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. Nonetheless, all the practitioners follow the teachings of Falun Dafa and resist the evil force in accordance with the principles of Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance.

On the gloomy morning of December 12, 2001 many practitioners gathered at the Yangming District Court, where the trial of 5 practitioners was scheduled for 8:30 a.m. The police presence was marked, but the practitioners had no fear. They put up posters, broadcast news stories telling the truth about Falun Dafa, and hung up banners. The banner in front of the court was flapping in the wind and could be seen both inside and outside of the courthouse, greatly shocking the evil force.

Practitioners were coming in groups, making the authorities afraid of the soaring number of people. They immediately called for more police to come to the courthouse from the City Police Department, four police branches, and different police stations. Showing no fear, the practitioners kept on putting up posters and hanging banners. Some policemen with kind hearts ignored the practitioners, and simply tore down the posters in silence. But some beat the practitioners. Practitioner Zhang Fenrong was seized as she was putting up posters, taken to the office, and severely beaten until she lost consciousness. The kind-hearted policemen quarreled with the others, saying, "Let them put up the posters. What's the big deal? Why arrest them?"

As more and more practitioners came, the perpetrators got more and more frightened. The court was scheduled to open at 8:30 a.m., but at 10 a.m., it was still closed. In order to disperse the practitioners and reduce the pressure, the authorities announced that the trial had been moved to the Middle Court. They even ordered some police to move in that direction. But the practitioners immediately saw through the ploy to get them to disperse.

About ten o'clock, the police brought the 5 practitioners into the courtroom. Snowflakes started to fall from the gloomy sky on the gathering crowd as if tears were being shed for what the 5 practitioners had been through. Zhao Jun and Zhao Guiling are brother and sister. They, along with Cao Ru and Zhang Yuliang, were escorted to the courtroom. But Huang Guodong was carried in on a stretcher, covered by a quilt. He had been tortured to the point where he couldn't walk, sit up, or speak. Even so, the police still put a pair of heavy shackles on his feet. While they were carrying him, his legs were exposed and people saw that they were tied with iron wires. The ends of the wire stuck out. He appeared deformed from the torture, and screamed out in pain as the police dumped him on the floor. Many cried at the terrible scene.

The court opened at 10:30 am. The heads of the public security and judiciary system, and the heads of the local "610 Office" (a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the Party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches) Li Changqing and Li Gaoyang were all present. Some practitioners managed to get into the courtroom; some were stopped outside. But no matter where they were, they sent forth righteous thoughts to defeat the persecution of practitioners in the Yangming District Court and to strengthen the power of the two lawyers working to defend the innocent and maintain justice.

Zhao Jun, male, is over 30. His lawyer stated: After Zhao Jun was illegally arrested on February 24, 2001, the police in Dongxiao Police Station physically tortured him by tying him and hanging him up, stabbing him with needles, and scraping his bones with a coin. They tied him and hung him up three times in succession. Every time, when Zhao lost consciousness, the police would awaken him by stabbing him with needles and scraping his bones. The continuous torture throughout the night severely damaged the nerves in his right arm (he lost the use of his arm due to lack of immediate medical treatment.) The lawyer asked Zhao Jun to show his arm. Seeing the evidence of the ruthless persecution, all the people with righteous minds were furious.

Zhao Guiling, female, is over 40. Her lawyer stated: Police Officer Miao Qiang from Nanshan Police Station of Yangming Police Department Branch, along with others, adopted inhuman methods of torture by tying her up with her mouth to the ground and beating her to extort a confession. Though it was ten months ago, the bruises this beating left on her were still visible.

Huang Guodong, male, is over 50. He has been detained for over ten months. Due to the bloody torture, he is unable to stand or sit up. In the court, several policemen pressed him down to the chair, making him scream in pain. When he was asked to answer questions, he couldn't speak, only moan.

Each practitioner's statement to the court deeply moved the audience. Many people cried. One person with a righteous mind said through the tears, "Falun Dafa has been done an unprecedented great wrong. This man was tortured to the extent that he cannot stand, sit, or speak, yet they still put him in court to try him. It is unforgivable!"

During the 5 hour trial, the prosecutor attempted to further persecute the practitioners by presenting fabricated evidence. Because all the practitioners were sending forth righteous thoughts, the perpetrators were all in low spirits. They yawned and nearly dozed off. The two lawyers for the defendants put forth their arguments with reason and conviction, accusing the perpetrators of extorting confessions through physical torture. Their accusations of the inhuman abuses rendered the prosecutor speechless, so the court was suspended. A person who had worked in the law enforcement system for many years said sincerely, "I have been working for so many years, yet never have I seen such severe torture. They even carried the person to the court. It is an embarrassment to our legal system and an embarrassment to the Chinese people."

Just then some practitioners called out, "We demand the unconditional release of the practitioners. Practitioners are innocent. Falun Dafa is good." The practitioners' fearless deeds of upholding justice shook the world. The trial of the 5 practitioners was thus turned into an open forum to reveal and oppose the evil's conduct. The light of truth the practitioners emitted shook the court and suffocated the evil. The court was suspended.

It is said that they are going to have a secret trial soon. Anyone who has any information about this, please let us know. The practitioners will send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the conspiracy.

List of the perpetrators in Mudanjiang City:

Zhang Qiuyang, Mayer, Tel: 86-453-6529988 (O), 86-453-6533939 (H)

Li Changqing, Party Secretary of the city "610 Office", Tel: 86-453-6549610 (O), 86-453-6522091 (H)

Li Fu, Chief of Politics and Security Squad in City Police Department, Tel: 86-453-6282530 (O)

Head of the Yangming Police Department Branch, Tel: 86-453-6338698