(Clearwisdom.net) A 28-year-old male Falun Dafa practitioner is very determined in cultivating Dafa. Because of his rock-solid heart, we will refer to him as Xin Jian (Heart-steadfast in Chinese, alias). He was employed at the same workplace as his two elder brothers and his father. Xin Jian and his wife are both Falun Dafa practitioners. Due to his steadfast faith in Dafa, Xin Jian has been inhumanly persecuted by Jiang's regime.

On National Day, Xin Jian went to Beijing to uphold the Fa after two days and three nights of arduous journey. He shouted loudly in Tiananmen Square, "Falun Dafa is treated unjustly!" "Redress the injustice done to my Teacher!" Consequently, the police forcibly searched for his ID and took him away. He was then illegally detained in his hometown. At that time, there were some practitioners in his hometown who stepped forward, frightening the evil forces. His parents, two elder brothers, sisters-in-law, wife, parents-in-law, uncle, his other relatives and friends, and his supervisors in the workplace, all suffered as a result of the relationship they had with him. In ancient times, the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty "implicated nine clans" (a Chinese expression meaning "everyone in the extended family") in his despotic rule. Now Jiang Zemin "implicates eighteen clans" in his terrorist rule, causing even Xin Jian's supervisors and colleagues to also be locked up. Xin Jian suffered the most, as he was beaten everyday. When he was bruised and cut from the beatings and near death, the policemen used a bed board to take him home. Xin Jian was so severely injured that he was bedridden for several months. Later he was fined and fired from his job at the factory. It did not end there. Whenever there is a holiday, he would be detained.

In the afternoon of August 12 on the lunar calendar, officers from the police substation came again to confiscate his property. Xin Jian was working in the fields at the time. When the police went to the fields to find him, he was able to escape.

On September 2 on the lunar calendar, Xin Jian borrowed a bike from a fellow practitioner. He started his journey again to Beijing to rectify the Fa in the evening. On the way, he ate some dried buns, drank some water from the brook, took a nap on the road whenever he was tired, and then he would continue on his journey. He did not even spend money to buy a bowl of soup. He used the money he saved to buy red cloth and yellow paint when he passed through Baoding City. He then made a banner in the cornfields. After innumerable hardships, he finally arrived in Beijing. In the northeast corner of Tiananmen Square at eleven o'clock, Xin Jian held up the banner. He shouted loudly with tears in his eyes, "Falun Dafa is good!" His cries shook heaven and earth. He said that his energy was very strong at that time, and the sound of his voice was pure and was earthshaking. There were many policemen in dark clothing around the area. They may have regained their conscience or were shocked by this righteous voice, because none of them attempted to arrest him. With Teacher's protection, Xin Jian left through an underground pedestrian tunnel after upholding the Fa without being arrested. He found his bicycle in the cornfields and rode home safely.

From that point on, Xin Jian's whereabouts became unknown due to further persecution. His family was in a great deal of trouble. The law forbade Xin Jian's father, brothers, sisters-in-law and the other relatives from going to work. The evil people declared that they had to find out Xin Jian's whereabouts before they were eligible to work again.

Due to the persecution of Falun Gong by Jiang Zemin, some practitioners have become destitute and innocent family members are even persecuted. All kind-hearted people, please use your calm heart to think seriously: Who is right and who is wrong? Please stand on the side of justice!