I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1997. Since then, I've been cultivating in the course of gradual enlightenment. The following are some magnificent things that I have experienced in other dimensions. I would like to share them with you so that we can learn from one another.

Our great benevolent Teacher started a journey in this world. He turned the cosmos to save the sentient beings.

Teacher has been teaching the Fa to sentient beings at each level. For practitioners in cultivation, a preoccupied human heart will restrain the side that has attained the Fa from assimilating to the Fa. It will also block us from rapidly breaking through to the microscopic levels. The human side always uses human eyes to look at problems, to handle our own tribulations and to deal with the conflicts in which we can improve ourselves. It uses the human brain that is full of human notions to make comments. Then it will use the sentimentalities within the Three Realms to judge things. This human side can carry too many substances from this dimension, and become too heavy to enable one to reach other dimensions. Thus the supernormal abilities won't be used to their full extent.

How great our Teacher is! When the whole cosmos was sinking into vice and when all gods were unable to resolve the problems, our benevolent Teacher came down to this world. Teacher has faced this poisonous world of ten evils. Teacher has gone through all kinds of hardships and difficulties. Teacher has silently borne the karma for the sentient beings in the cosmos. Teacher has benevolently resolved all the problems.

Just one day before Teacher formally published his new article "Foretelling the Fa's Rectification of the Human World" on the Clearwisdom website, I saw Teacher in a big dimension. Teacher was turning the cosmos. Teacher looked very dignified and solemn. His tremendously large gong body penetrated the whole universe. There was a cosmic system looking like a ball between Teacher's palms. The system was full of karma brought by the degenerated microscopic lives and substances that had been pressed into it. The system was all black, glimmering blue light. Then Teacher made a big hand sign. With an enormous sound from turning the cosmos, all the things in this ball-looking system completely changed. It started to shine with an exuberant radiance. Teacher sent out extremely powerful gong to strengthen the changes. I saw the things in this system go through three different transformations.

Things at the bottom, which are also at the periphery, are the most vicious lives. They have been directly undermining the Fa. They are going to be cast away soon from the field strengthened by Teacher. The field looks like a magnetic field drawn by the magnetic force. Those lives are going down into the gate of no-life and will be changed to ... Actually, even up to that moment, Teacher will still look into their hearts to see if they could be saved. I realized that eliminating the evil is showing compassion to the sentient beings and replacing the degenerated cosmos with a brand new one.

Things at the outermost layer, which are also in the very middle, are countless layers of lives. They are the lives that are going to live within the future Three Realms. They are given the opportunity to reposition themselves. Teacher's unlimited compassion has extended to the greatest extent to enable them to stay there. They will have the chance to assimilate to the Fa in the future.

Things at the top, which are also at the microscopic levels, are layers and layers of future Buddhas, Daos and Gods. Many of them are Falun Dafa practitioners. Teacher used his gong to strengthen them, bring them upwards, and help them move forward. In the beginning, many of them were hesitating. Teacher has been paying benevolent attention to them ... Then many changes with the levels happened ... Then even bigger changes happened ... Various changes displayed across different levels. The higher the level is, the fewer lives there are. I saw that some practitioners were stuck in their original levels because they were too heavy and thus unable to break through to higher levels ... Later I broke through several time and space separations and arrived at a space that was holy and pure with mysteries and wonders. I was afraid to go up further. What was there above me? I knew nothing about it. Deep down I was only thinking about Teacher ... At that time, I couldn't find any human words to express my appreciation towards Teacher. My true life was so light, joyous and free. I melted into serenity and compassion. I felt the Buddha's infinite grace ...

In that space, I turned back to look at the tribulations that I had experienced in my cultivation. They were truly nothing. I found myself sometimes stupid and laughable. I didn't do well in many things. But I am confident that I will be able to successfully finish my return home while breaking through all the tribulations with a smile.

This is what I saw and what I came to enlighten to from my own level on December 11, 2001.