1. Wulimiao Village in Yangu County, Shandong province: One person acts evilly and brings disasters to his spouses
  2. Accountant Yu Chuandai of Wulimiao Village in Yanggu County, Shandong Province, often conspired with policemen to illegally detain Falun Dafa practitioners. He also slandered Dafa on the village loudspeaker and tore up Dafa truth clarification materials upon seeing them. His wife unexpectedly died in October 1999. He remarried in March of 2001, but this autumn his new wife shattered her ankle, and has yet to recover.

  3. Two examples of immediate retribution in Hebei Province
  4. Liu Zhiying, an official at Shijiazhuang City's Labor Camp in Hebei Province, frequently beats, verbally abuses, and brutally tortures Dafa practitioners. His wife recently died of a brain tumor.

    Wu Yuliang, the former Assistant Chief of Shijiazhuang City's Bureau of Justice and the current head of Shijiazhuang's Labor Camp, cruelly persecuted Dafa practitioners with the help of Labor Camp official Qin Fengchun. Presently, these two have been arrested and charged with illegally acquitting criminals.

  5. A Former Dafa Practitioner, of Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province, who turned against Dafa after being brainwashed, receives immediate retribution
  6. Zuo Qinghe of Xinghui Village near Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province, was the first person to obtain the Fa in the area. He suffered from numerous diseases and illnesses that were healed after practicing Falun Dafa. After the ruthless and unrelenting persecution of Dafa began in China in 1999, Mr. Zuo gradually became resentful towards Dafa. The police arrested him during their 2001 crackdown campaign, and after witnessing how badly two other practitioners were tortured, he immediately cursed and defamed Teacher's name. Now, not only has he been fined 5000 Yuan RMB, but his wife also passed away. Soon after her death, Mr. Zuo himself suffered a stroke, becoming crippled. Such a miserable outcome was indeed a consequence of his own actions.

  7. A scoundrel is tossed several meters from a bike
  8. One night, two Dafa practitioners traveled to the countryside on a motorcycle to distribute truth-clarification materials. On their way back home, a policeman noticed them, and jumped on a motorbike in hot pursuit. The two practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts and managed to always keep the policeman some distance behind them. Upon becoming angry that he could not catch up with them, he made an abrupt turn with the wheel of his bike and was hurled a dozen meters in the air, disappearing into the perilous night.

  9. A case of retribution in Qingyuan Autonomous County, Liaoning Province
  10. When Shao Shougang from Maqianzhai Village in Qingyuan Autonomous County worked a night shift in the police station one time, he took home several Zhuan Falun books and practice tapes that had been stolen from Dafa practitioners. He used the torn pages from Zhuan Falun to kindle a stove-fire, and recorded pop music over the practice music cassettes. Shortly after, one of Shao's eyes started to ache, and soon the pain became intolerable. He tried treating it but it didn't work, so he had to go through an operation that removed his eye and replaced it with a fake eyeball. Sometimes when Shao got out of bed, his feet would feel like they were being impaled with thousands of needles. His son came home to get a drink after playing outside one day, and he almost died after mistakenly drinking fly-poison instead of water, costing Shao a lot of money in hospital fees to save him.

  11. Two cases of Retribution in Yuanduimian Town, Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province

Former commissioner of Yuanduimian Town, Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province, Sun Jihua, was appointed XX Party Secretary of Handian Town in March 2001. Afterwards, he became notorious for unlawfully persecuting, detaining, beating, and harassing Dafa practitioners. On May 16, 2001, he instigated Shuangcheng City's "516" incident. He purposely let evil policemen and other criminals detain 33 Dafa practitioners, and even stole someone's minivan for personal use. He received awards and praises from Jiang Zemin's administration for all of this. On November 28, 2001, after driving under the influence of alcohol, Sun Jihua's head was smashed against an iron security door. He bled profusely while in the hospital, and his present condition is currently unknown.

One person from Yuanduimian Town, Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province, quickly chased after a Dafa practitioner when he saw him posting truth-clarification materials. After a short distance he was tripped by an object, which enabled the Dafa practitioner to depart unharmed. He went back and ripped up the truth-clarification materials that the practitioner had posted. The next day while running an errand in town, his motorcycle crashed into a buggy, and his entire hand was shattered. Later, he himself admitted that his outcome was the result of ripping the truth-clarification materials.