Mao Qingmin is a miner from Yang Village Coal Mine of Yanzhou Mine Bureau in Shandong Province. After he began practicing Falun Gong, he corrected all his bad behavior and became a truly nice person who always thought of others. People in the village and his coworkers all said that he had completely changed. He was very kind and friendly, not only to his family members, but also to people that he had never met before. He would not hesitate to offer whatever he could when he found someone in need of help. But after Jiang Zemin and his followers started persecuting Falun Gong in July 1999, the company he worked for deprived him of his right to be a good person. They restricted his movement, not allowing him to leave the security department. They also held meetings to publicly criticize him. Then they illegally detained him for half a month. None of these swayed him from his firm belief in Dafa.

The evil people in his workplace committed him to a psychiatric hospital in November 1999 against his will, causing him tremendous suffering. In the beginning he refused to take medicine or shots. The doctors and nurses then tied him up and shocked him with electricity and forcibly injected drugs into him, which damaged his central nervous system. The drugs made him half paralyzed for some time. He drooled constantly, could not eat, and could hardly walk. During the six months when he was confined to the psychiatric hospital, his family constantly demanded he be released. His father was over 70 years old and was very ill with all kinds of diseases. He was bed ridden most of the time. His mother was also old and weak. His wife was pregnant and had very bad morning sickness. His home was about 100 km from his workplace and 50 km from the hospital. His mother and wife ran between the hospital, his workplace, and home, asking for his release. But both the hospital and his workplace told them to go ask the other party. When his father was critically ill, his family demanded his release again, but was rejected. When his wife was in need of the most help, they would not let him go either. The wicked people completely disregarded law and order. They did bad things at will, totally losing their human nature. The doctors in the hospital wantonly violated medical ethics. They knew very well that Mao Qingmin was not psychotic, but they succumbed to the evil's demands and did despicable things to him. Under strong demands from his family, his workplace agreed to let him go. When the family was ready to take him home, a doctor happened to be examining the patients. The doctor asked him if Falun Gong was good. He replied, "Falun Gong is great." This answer was used as the basis for determining whether he was still ill or not. The hospital decided that he needed more help and confined him for additional time. The suffering he endured in the psychiatric hospital was indescribable. Now he has been illegally transferred to a labor camp.

It was learned that there are additional Dafa practitioners who are being confined and enduring miserable suffering in Daizhuang Psychiatric Hospital, Jining City. They include the following people:

Li Fennzhi works for the Central District Oral Disease Hospital in Jining City.

Lu Dongmei (female) works for a real estate company.

Shi Shuping (female) works in the Chinese Medicine Hospital in Jining City.

Ping Yumei and many others from a toy factory were all taken by force to a psychiatric hospital near the Jining City 610 Office and Jining City Central District Police Station just because they practice Falun Gong.

We ask that all kind-hearted people of the world condemn these atrocities and demand that the Jiang Zemin government stop its persecution of these peace loving people. The government's actions totally disregard basic human rights and are crimes against humanity.