December 21, 2001

( At the end of November 2001, some Falun Dafa practitioners in Changchun proposed to establish a Falun Dafa Day in Changchun. Having a Falun Dafa Day under such adversity has shown the rock-solid belief in Dafa of practitioners in Changchun as well as those in China. It has also expressed the longing for Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance and the reverence for the Buddha Fa of those tens of thousands of people who know the truth. At the same time, it has also delivered a strong blow for the elimination of evil forces in Changchun and other areas.

The Changchun Falun Dafa Day was chosen to be on December 22, the Winter Solstice. This day has always been recognized as the time for the transition between the Yin and the Yang. From this day on, the dark night will become shorter and the daylight will become longer. Heaven and earth will come back to life. This day is chosen as it indicates the evil force has come to an end, and the bright light has started illuminating the human world.

On this day, let us send forth our purest and strongest righteous thoughts at 5, 6, and 7 am and 9 pm sharp (Beijing time) to eradicate all evil in Changchun, in Mainland China and in the universe that damages Dafa, encompassing all of it and leaving out none.

On this special day, please pass our salutations to our most revered Master on behalf of all Changchun disciples. We will be worthy of Master's teachings and expectations. Regardless of what difficulties that we face in the future, we will take every step well in Fa-rectification cultivation and truly manifest the indestructibility of Dafa.


Changchun Dafa disciples