After reading the important messages on about using every effort to break through China's blockade on the truth and that "using various channels and adopting various forms to break through Mainland China's blockade on the truth is the important Fa-rectification mission of all overseas Dafa disciples to save all beings (especially a great number of those with great inborn quality) and help to lessen the pressure on Mainland Chinese practitioners." (from "To Fellow Practitioners"), I have been thinking, as a Western practitioner, about what channels and what forms I could adopt to clarify the truth and thus help break through the blockade. I recently was able to purchase a computer for all sorts of Dafa uses. I would like to share some stories of my clarifying the truth on the Internet.

I started by randomly searching for "Falun Dafa" or "Falun Gong" with my browser, and found several sites to which I was able to email some form of clarification. I always tried to use compassion and wisdom in my messages. I also began checking out and writing to online Chinese newspapers that have English mirror sites, and would regularly ask them to stop posting slanderous articles and bowing to pressure from the government.

Once, on a website which is a Daily newspaper, I noticed a reader's feedback article in which a person had a slanderous comment attributed to him by the paper. It also contained his email address, so I immediately sent him a truth clarifying email. This person responded quickly and was shocked to find out that he had been used and had a completely falsified comment attributed to him. This person turned out to be a very kind individual who actually truly sympathized with Dafa. I believe also that he may have become truly interested in Dafa as a result of our exchanges. The comment attributed to him will hopefully be removed soon as requested, but this shows just how far Jiang's regime will go to make things up, since it has absolutely no evidence of any wrongdoing. Imagine using real people's email addresses and names and weaving them into slanderous articles!

I think the accumulated result will be notable if practitioners who have access to the Internet can spend at least a little time helping clarify the truth to websites that are accessible by millions of people. We should email the various online newspapers and express our thoughts to them every day. The righteous thoughts we put into our emails are bound to have an effect in this and other dimensions.