1. Ma Chun is the chief of the Safety Division in the School of the Sichuan Aeronautical Industry. He has been very hostile to Falun Dafa. He mistreated Dafa practitioners in the school, scolding them, illegally deducting some money from their salary and directing other policemen to confiscate practitioners' homes and arrest practitioners. Zhao Benyong, a lecturer and a Falun Dafa practitioner in the school, was forced to leave home to avoid illegal arrest. When his mother and daughter arrived at the school, Ma Chun reported them to the police who unlawfully arrested them. Once Ma Chun viciously announced that his work was only to arrest Falun Gong practitioners and he did not care about those criminal cases such as visiting prostitutes, gambling, etc.
  2. Zhang Chengyan is the Deputy Chief of the Safety Division in the School of the Sichuan Aeronautical Industry. She followed Ma Chun in persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. She repeatedly said, "You practice Falun Gong by following your Teacher. I do my job by following Jiang Zemin."
  3. Zhang Zhili is the Chief of the Sichuan Hangtian Police Department. He commanded his policemen to arrest many Falun Dafa practitioners who distributed truth-clarifying materials by ambushing or trailing practitioners to arrest them. After the arrest, they confiscated practitioners' homes, extorted large sums from practitioners, threatened practitioners' family members and cuffed practitioners' hands behind their backs to torture them.
  4. Gong Jianguo is the leader of Public Security Subdivision of Sichuan Hangtian Police Department. He committed evil deeds together with Zhang Zhili.
  5. Chen Wenlong, Director of the Sichuan Aeronautical Corporation's base, has always been quite vicious to Falun Gong practitioners. He firmly followed Jiang's order and claimed, in several meetings, that he was "intensifying" the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.
  6. Xiong Guoyou, a member of the Safety Division at the 7105 Factory of Sichuan Aeronautics No. 62 Base (a state-run Liaoyuan Wireless Electric Factory). This person strives for "achievements" and pursues his interest in persecuting Falun Gong. He has often claimed: "The more Falun Gong practitioners seized, the more money awarded."
  7. Fan Jianhe, principal of Xihe Junior Middle School of Longquan Yi district. This person actively cooperated with the evil ones and illegally sent He Youming, a schoolteacher, to a labor camp. When teacher He's "term" was over, Fan Jianhe managed to forcibly detain him at the school. At present, Fan has intensified the persecution of teacher He, who was forced to undertake a hunger strike. It has been several days since he began his hunger strike.

Contact telephone numbers for these evil persons:

Subdivision of Sichuan Hang Tian Police Department:

Chief: Zhang Zhili: 86-(028)4808809 (home)

Security Leader: 86 -(028)4806110 (office)

Mailing address for the above two persons: Sichuan province Chengdu City P.O. Box 818, No.1 mailbox. (Zip code: 610100)

Ma Chun: 86-(028) 4807655 (home); mailing address: Sichuan province Chengdu City P.O. Box 818, No.23 mailbox. (Zip code: 610100)

Xiong Guoyou: 86-(028) 4805100 (office); 86-(028) 4805596 (home); mailing address: Sichuan Province Chengdu City P.O. Box 818, No.2 mailbox. (Zip code: 610100)

Evil persons in Luodai Town Government of Longquan District: Zhong Yun; Huang Kuicheng; Zeng Tianyan.

Policemen in Luodai police station: Huang Zigen; Luo Yikun; He Wenxing; Chen Lin; Ma Zhugao. Telephone: 86-(028)4893676

Policemen in Xihe police station: Lian Shicheng; Huhang

Evil persons in Xihe Town: Zhong Xinyou (vice supervisor of town)

Evil persons in Xihe Junior Middle School: Fa Jianhe (principal); Ye Changqing (chief of Supply)