Upon hearing the news that some staff from the San Francisco consulate would be visiting Portland, practitioners all felt this would be a good opportunity for clarifying the truth to the Chinese community there. Despite the cold rain, practitioners gathered outside the temporary office where people came to visit the consulate staff from very early in the morning on November 25th.

Soon, lots of people gathered in front of the building. When we handed out truth materials to the people and told them "Falun Dafa is good" most of them accepted. It was indeed the best material for them to read while waiting in line. Some of them read the display boards carefully and some others stared at the great banner with "Zhen Shan Ren" on it for a long time. Even the few people who did not want the materials showed a weak expression of acknowledgement, looking down while quickly passing by us. We all sensed that people are gradually awakening to the truth.

All the practitioners are putting their greatest effort in order to let more people know the truth. The new western practitioner S helped to make a new display board. "This is the first board I have made and it will be recorded in the history," she joked. Yet, we all know it is true. Western practitioner R was wearing only a yellow Dafa T-shirt while busily distributing the truth materials to Chinese people. She said her whole body was warm and just her hands felt a little chilly. The practitioners who could speak Cantonese were actively talking to the Cantonese-speaking people and handing out the videotapes. Also, practitioner Y prepared an appeal letter to be passed over to the Chinese embassy.

During the entire morning, many people came but did not get their things done. However, they did get the truth material. The staff from the consulate dared not accept our appeal letter but their un-natural and weak expression told us that they are thinking too, and the evil will not last long.