(1) Zhou Jiwu was the former Chief of Security of Beidao District Police Department in Tianshui City, Gansu Province. He once severely beat a female Falun Dafa practitioner who went to Beijing to rectify the Fa. She was beaten so badly that she did not have any skin that was unmarked, could not walk, and had to crawl to the restroom. He made her drink the dirty water from the wash basin. A practitioner over 60 years old from the Mapaoquan area was detained for 15 days because of sharing cultivation experiences with other practitioners. He could not afford to pay the 500 Yuan fine that the police demanded illegally (Note: the average monthly salary of a Chinese urban worker is 400 Yuan). Zhou cuffed him to the police station's iron gate for several hours and beat him with a spade mercilessly. Zhou illegally detained more than ten Falun Dafa practitioners and sent some of them to forced labor camps. This evil person has done all kinds bad things and has met with retribution. He was dismissed from his position as Chief. His family members also suffered because of his wrongdoing--his mother died from illness and his wife is sick and bedridden.

(2) Feng Jitang currently is the Chief of Security at Beidao District Police Department in Tianshui City, Gansu Province. He found some of Mr. Li's articles at a female practitioner's house. He and other evil police brutally beat the woman for several hours. She had bruises and welts all over her legs and could not stand up or walk.

(3) Zhu Wanmin is the director of Beidao District Drug Abstinence Center. In the brainwashing class held by this center, practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest the evil propaganda and the persecution. Zhu incited other wicked police to tie the practitioners to chairs and open their mouths with a steel bar in order to force-feed them. They did not care when the practitioners' teeth got knocked out. They kept them tied up for more than ten hours without allowing them to go to the bathroom. During the cold of winter, Zhu tied a female practitioner outdoors for several hours and beat another male practitioner and hung him up outside on a basketball pole for several hours with the tips of his toes barely touching the ground. In order to get money, Zhu also kept other people who were not drug addicts locked up in the center for as least half a year at a time. To win their release, those people had to spend thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of Yuan to bribe the Chief of Police, Zhu, or other people.

(4) On October 17, 2001, practitioner Li Cuihong from Beidao District was teaching at school, when police from Mapaoquan Police Station came in and kidnapped her. They said that they would send Li to a forced labor camp. Li's husband was already illegally sent to a forced labor camp for practicing Falun Gong. He is not in the labor camp anymore, but cannot return home for safety reasons. Their 10-year-old daughter is home alone.

(5) Falun Gong practitioner Chen Jiao was caught by wicked people when she was distributing Dafa materials, and was sent to the Beidao District government building. Police officer Wang at Beidao Police Department beat Chen for hours with a wooden baton in order to force her to reveal the source of the Dafa materials. Chen could not endure the torture and did not want to do things that damage Dafa, so she was forced to escape by jumping from the third story of the government building. Wang got scared, sent Chen to the hospital, and fled. When Chen's husband went to the police department and asked them why they brutally beat her and pushed her to do this, the department blatantly lied, denying that they beat Chen, even denying the existence of any police officer Wang. Chen is now still bedridden from the torture.

Here is a list of other evil people who participated in persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners:

* Policewomen Wu Hongxia and Chen of Beidao District Police Department.

* Political Commissar Wang, who directed the persecution behind the scenes.

* Policemen Yan Jinlu, Pei Xiaoqing, and Li Xiaoping at Beidao District Drug Abstinence Center.

We hereby sternly warn the evil people at Beidao District Police Department: Immediately stop your dirty deeds; otherwise what awaits you is eternal suffering.