Napier is a small sunny city on the eastern cost of New Zealand. Some local practitioners wanted to set up a new practice site. On December 16, 2001 practitioners from other parts of New Zealand came to Napier to help. A Christmas parade was also scheduled in the afternoon on that day. Although we didn't have time to arrange a float, we still decided to make use of this opportunity to bring Dafa to the local people. We asked the organizer whether we could walk in the parade. They agreed.

We all joined the parade wearing Christmas hats and carrying Dafa banners. We were positioned after the New Zealand Army group. Ten minutes into the parade, their vehicle had some problems and they couldn't continue. The rest of the parade was blocked for quite a distance. When the parade resumed, we walked in the front as if we led the parade. We, along with "Falun Dafa" and "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" banners, attracted many people's attention. We distributed about one thousand Dafa bookmarks along the way.

Group practice at the New Practice Site

Christmas Parade