(Clearwisdom.net) On December 9, 2001, a delegation from Mainland China arrived in San Jose, California to look for technical talents to take back to China. Since it's not easy for the delegates to come to the US, this was an important opportunity to clarify the truth to them.

The formal interview of the job fair was scheduled at around 3:00 p.m. The practitioners who arrived early entered the conference room and started to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil forces in other dimensions which are trying to destroy Dafa.

After the interview, some Chinese people started to leave. Practitioners were distributing materials outside, and talked with the Chinese people. Due to our righteous thoughts, almost everyone gladly took our materials that clarified the facts. An old couple from Mainland China who came here to visit their children took our materials; the wife was a little bit worried, but her husband took the pamphlet and videotape without any hesitation. We are so happy for them because they have the hope of being saved.

Some other practitioners talked with members of the delegation from China. Through truth-clarifying conversations, many of them gladly took our newspapers or CDs. One of the delegates, although he did not take our materials, expressed understanding, and there were tears in his eyes. Another person viewed the photos and read the articles on the suspicious points of the self-immolation incident. She said she had not watched the propaganda carefully, and she was deeply moved that so many of us had come to talk with them.

Through this experience, we felt the importance of righteous thoughts during truth-clarifying and saving people. We also realized the importance of helping Mainland Chinese delegates to know the truth about Falun Dafa through these channels.

"Because of this, make the best use of time, and through every channel at various levels, use every effective method to deeply and meticulously clarify the truth to Chinese people and help Chinese people come to understand Dafa in a positive way. The significance of this is unparalleled. For all of the Fa-rectification disciples who have already been fortunate enough to attain the Fa, this has become an urgent responsibility to which we are duty-bound in our mission of helping Master in Fa-rectification." (Clearwisdom Editors: "Make the Best Use of Time to Clarify the Truth to the Precious Chinese People")