(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of November 28, 2001, nine practitioners including Zhang Min were arrested while they were distributing materials clarifying the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution to people in the countryside. Officials in the police department took turns torturing them for sixty hours in the Yilan County Hotel. On December 5, Zhang Min was tortured to death by officials from the Yilan County Police Department.

The cause of death has been identified as follows. Zhang Min was severely beaten by Han Yunjie and other officials of the Yilan County Police Department. Afterwards, she was sent to the Yilan County No. 2 Detention Center to be force-fed salt water. During the force-feeding, she drowned from salt water entering her lungs.

Han Yunjie is the head of the Yilan County Police Department Political Security Section. He hated Zhang Min because the last time she had been arrested, she had been illegally sentenced to labor camp and her family paid a bribe of 8,000 Yuan (About one and a half year's salary for an average Chinese worker) to the provincial level government to obtain her release. Han did not get a cent of that money. This time, Han Yunjie specifically asked to interrogate Zhang Min in order to have a chance to release his personal anger.

Han tried to force Zhang Min to tell him the source of the Falun Gong materials she had been distributing. Zhang refused to tell him. Han Yunjie hung Zhang Min on a heating pipe after handcuffing both of her hands. Then he savagely punched her chest, eyes and temples. He grabbed her hair and bashed her head against the wall. Both her hands were swollen and burned from the heat pipes. She vomited blood and passed out after the beatings, but Han Yunjie did not think it was enough. He poured water on Zhang Min to make her regain consciousness and then beat her again until she lost control of her bladder. The torture continued over some sixty hours.

Zhang Min was then sent to the Yilan County No. 2 Detention Center. Her wounds were so severe that she could not help but moan from the extreme pain and continue to vomit blood. The detention center officials did not care about the life or death of a practitioner at all. On the fourth day of her detention, officials ordered several prisoners to put Zhang Min, already on the verge of death, into a "torture chair" and force-feed her two bottles of salt water. Zhang passed out on the spot. The officials sent her back to her cell even though she was unconscious.

The people in her cell cried when they saw her. One prisoner reported to Zheng Jun, the director of the detention center, that Zhang Min was dying. Zheng responded with a loud curse, "Who has the time to take care of her. Does she practice Falun Gong? If she can practice, then we don't have time for her!" After her cellmates repeatedly begged the official, Zhang Min was finally sent to a traditional Chinese medication hospital for emergency treatment. To conceal all the atrocities, Zhang's family was never informed about what had happened to her. After her death, her family was told that she died from a heart attack. However, Zhang Min never had heart problems.

Zhang's family seemed to know that she died from force-feeding, but they had no knowledge of the inhumane tortures that she had received. The police officials decided, without the families consent, to have Zhang Min cremated on December 7, 2001. Officials from the 610 Office [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political or judicial systems] and some police officers were present at the cremation site. An urgent secret meeting in the Yilan County Police Department was held to destroy all evidence of the murder and to prevent her family from using any means to file suits or complaints. When Zhang Min was arrested, the police department fined her family 37,000 Yuan. Now the police department agreed to return 3,000 Yuan. Officials from the 610 Office arranged for the Civil Administration Bureau (her family member's work unit) to contribute 1,000 Yuan for the funeral. A Falun Dafa practitioner was murdered, but no one is held responsible.

Zhao Shijing, director of the Yilan County Police Department: Home phone: (86-451-7983790); Cell phone: (86-13904641980); Pager: (86-45112713210483).

Zhang Huanyou, deputy director of the Yilan County Police Department: Home Phone: (86-451-7223772); Cell phone: (86-13804638822); Pager: (86-95938-83712).

Fei Hong, official in charge of 610 Office: Home phone: (86-451-7222181); Cell phone: (86-13904641955).

Phone number of the Yilan County No. 2 Detention Center: (86-451-7281227).

Zheng Jun, director of the Yilan No.2 Detention Center, Cell phone: 86-13019721388.

Lin Zhong, deputy director of the Yilan No.2 Detention Center.

Han Yunjie (vicious police): Home phone: (86-451-7220942).

Long Deqing (vicious police): Home phone: (86-451-7225212).

Over fifty Falun Dafa practitioners from Yilan County were unjustly sent to forced labor camps. On November 28, ten more were arrested. Two of them escaped by sending forth righteous thoughts. On December 8, five practitioners were released after eight days of hunger strike, however Song Ruiyi is still detained. They had all been tortured severely. These practitioners' lives could end at any moment from the torture they received. Some have been vomiting, spitting blood, suffering from stomach-aches, urinating blood, feeling dizzy, experiencing kidney failure and uneven heartbeats, etc. All practitioners in the county are very concerned about the safety of their fellow practitioners.