1. A Dafa practitioner brought quite a few different sized banners with her when she went to Beijing to safeguard the Dafa. As soon as a policeman took away her large banner, one after another she quickly took out smaller ones from her sleeves. Several policemen rushed up to seize the banners and she shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is good!" It took a while for the police to finally drag her into their police van, but when they did, she opened the van window and continued to shout. After she was taken to a police station with the other people in the van, she demanded--without fear--to be compensated for the wounds she received from the police beatings. At that time, her family members followed her to the police station and demanded that the police release her. Her family members took her home safely. Then, when the local police came to her home to investigate, they didn't even know she had left.
  2. In one family, a mother and her two sons were Dafa practitioners. They decided to go to Beijing and safeguard the Dafa. However, one of them needed to stay home to take care of their paralyzed father and harvest all the autumn crops for that year. At the same time, all of them felt they should go to Beijing. So while they were discussing who should stay home, the father (who was in bed) spoke out to the sons, "Both of you go to Beijing with your mother, I will not drag you behind. Just cook more food and put it by my bed. This will be my contribution to Dafa." His words moved everyone. If a non-practitioner was able to do that, what could a practitioner do?! Therefore, the mother and her two sons all went on the Fa-rectification journey to Beijing and the people in the neighborhood looked after their father meticulously. After the three practitioners were arrested in Beijing, they were released from a local brainwashing class one month later. By that time, some other Dafa practitioners and villagers had already harvested all their crops in the field. From that point on, the whole family practiced Falun Dafa more diligently and they have actively joined in the main stream of the Fa-rectification.
  3. One Dafa practitioner was illegally sentenced to 2 years of forced labor. In a health examination, a tumor was found in her liver. Thus, she was released for medical treatment. However, she continued to clarify the truth of Dafa. So far, the police did not know what to do with her. Each time the police arrested her, all of her symptoms showed up. This happened numerous times such as on the way back from Beijing, after she was arrested for appealing for Dafa; or, when she was in the remote areas telling people the truth of Dafa and distributing Dafa materials, and where she was illegally detained for three months. If they sent her to a forced labor camp, her symptoms became so serious that even ordinary people could clearly see she was sick. Yet, as soon as she was released, all her symptoms would disappear in a few days. After that, she started to do what she should do and has been very healthy. She knew that everything was arranged by Master Li--it was Master Li's benevolence. Thus, this practitioner practices Dafa more diligently and she tries her best to tell people the truth of Dafa. She is not afraid of the evil at all.