November 29, 2001

( Chen Dewen was a 40-year old male resident of Huludao City. On March 1, 2001, authorities in Huludao City Forced Labor Camp (Director Liu Guohua, Guards Section Chief Wang Shengli, Assistant Zhang, Assistant Guo and others) handcuffed Chen Dewen and 4 other Falun Dafa practitioners to beds. They were force-fed a saline solution and brutally shocked and beaten with an electric baton. Ten days later, Chen Dewen was sent to the hospital where he died. The guards falsified the evidence, concocting a story that Chen died from heart disease. Another practitioner took the guards to task, demanding to know how patients with heart disease could be beaten and shocked with an electric baton. The guards were shocked and speechless.

Responsible units and persons' telephone numbers:

Huludao City Forced Labor Camp, officer Liu Guohua: 011-86-429-311-0974 (Office), 011-86-130-5098-9697 (Cellular Phone)

Liaoning Province Forced Labor Department:

011-86-24-8852-0583 (Xu Feng)

011-86-24-8852-3624 (Chen Wen)
011-86-24-8852-3624 (Wang Chen, female)
011-86-24-8852-3624 (Liu Changhua)

List of Others Involved:

Yao Chuang (labor camp head), Liu Guohua (division chief), Ding Wenxue (team leader), Fan Yongjie (deputy team leader), assistant Zhang, assistant Tong, Liu Tao, Liu Liang and others in Guard Section, Gao Aiguo, Zhi Liguo, Wei Wenzhong, Zhang Guozhu, Director Tian, Accountant Yang, team leader Diao, Zhang Fusheng, Wang Shengli, Tong Liyong, Liu Haihou, Li Jian, Cao Shuai, Wenquan Police Station Chief Yang.

Huludao City Police Department: 011-86-429-217-0025

Lianshan District Judicial Bureau of Huludao City: 011-86-429-212-3165

Office of Lianshan District Government: 011-86-429-212-2212

Legal and Law Office of Lianshan District Government: 011-86-429-212-5079

Huludao City Center Hospital in New District: 011-86-429-213-8325

Address: Lianshan Street #15, Lianshan District

Huludao City, Liaoning Province

Zip code: 125001


Appeal and Surveillance Contacts:

Huludao City Government Appeal number: 011-86-429-33-66

Huludao City Regulation Inspection number: 011-86-429-311-6717

Huludao City Lianshan District Police Department: 011-86-429-216-0026

Police Department of Liaoning Province: 011-86-24-8686-3555

State Security Department of Liaoning Province: 011-86-24-8652-4820

Inspection Department of Liaoning Province: 011-86-24-2386-8343

Judicial Department of Liaoning Province: 011-86-24-8689-9488