(Clearwisdom.net) Around two months ago, I applied for a QQ ID [QQ: A popular instant messaging system commonly used in China and the Asia-Pacific] for the purpose of doing Fa-rectification on the Internet. The people I come across there are all possibilities for Hongfa [clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa]. Yet, at the beginning, due to fear, I oftentimes would rush to quickly log-off after sending a message. First, there was the fear of being arrested, then the fear of not being able to answer difficult questions, and then there was the fear of being cursed and sworn at without reason.

Through Fa study and hongfa activities, I realised that these fears were not right. We should clarify the truth to people nobly. So, one night last week, when I logged on to the Internet, I opened up my QQ account first. I was shocked when, just as I succeeded in logging on, I received a message saying, "Found you, finally." I thought I had encountered a spy on the web, and felt slightly nervous for a split second, but immediately I realised that there was nothing to fear. So I answered calmly, "What is the matter?" and we started chatting. The following is our brief conversation:

Other side: You sent me an email around two months ago, right?

Me: Yes. Did you read it?

Other side: I did read it. It was about xx Gong. (He used similar sounding characters to make fun of Dafa.)

Me: Looks like you hold some prejudice towards us.

Other side: If I am prejudiced, I wouldn't have waited for you for such a long time.

Me: Do you understand people who cultivate?

Other side: Someone who does exercise early every morning, doesn't seem like a bad person.

Me: We are all good people. We are being wronged.

Other side: Can you talk about yourself? Why do you do Falun Gong? (He corrected the way he referred to Dafa, though still not using the correct word for "practise.")

Me: Yes. Of course, I've nothing to hide. I have received a high-level education. I am an official in the government, a Party member, and received many years of training and education from the Party. I know what "superstition" is. I also know what atheism is. By an odd chance, I had the opportunity to read Zhuan Falun. I found what the book says to be very good and correct. It teaches people to be good people. It also gives people a good body and health, so I started to learn. We are not anti-government, nor are we foolish and irrational.

Other side: I did not say you are foolish and irrational.

Me: Then why does the "Tiananmen Self-Immolation Case" call us foolish and irrational?

Other side: Wasn't that foolish and irrational?

Me: If it was real, of course it was foolish. But it was a hoax. The regime is using propaganda to set us up.

Other side: Why so?

Me: We respect the life of others; we respect our own lives all the same. Our Teacher told us that killing others or oneself are both sinful crimes. Besides, if suicide can make us into Buddhas, why would we bother to wait until now and why would it have to be Tiananmen Square?

Other side: Sounds reasonable. Can you tell me the details of the "self-immolation?"

Me: It is hard to explain in just a few sentences. Please take a look at this web site (gave him a hongfa web site that's accessible from mainland China). There you can find the truth about many events.

Other side: Alright, I will. But why should I trust you?

Me: I am not forcing you to believe. Nobody has the right to force you to believe anything. You can judge with your conscience after you've read. You will naturally be able to tell the genuine from the fake.

Other side: Where do you get your information from? Why do you believe it?

Me: These things happen to me, or to cultivators around me. Genuine cultivators are people who can give up their lives for speaking the truth. If I do not believe in them, who can I believe?

Other side: Okay, I will give it a good read. By the way, do you know that originally I was going give you a round of scolding, but for some reason, I just felt that you were not a bad person, so I waited for you. Do you hope that I practice Gong as well? Do you wish that I would join you?

Me: I sincerely appreciate your trust. Also, even if you really did scold me, I would not be angry with you. Of course, I hope you practise Gong too, but no one can force you to. You will make your own choice after reading Zhuan Falun and the information.

Other side: I can feel that you are sincere. That's all for today, bye for now.

Just like this, another life has been saved. I can deeply appreciate that many beings are longing for Dafa. As a Fa-rectification disciple, we have such a grand, holy, difficult and pressing duty to "offer salvation to people." Fa-rectification has reached the final moment of its final stage. We must not be lazy or slack off any more. We must not "pursue comfort and ease" any longer.

We must continue to do better and better, maximally spread the Fa and tell people the truth, to be worthy of the title of "Fa-rectification Dafa Disciple."


At almost the same time as the above event, I also came across a person on the Internet who spoke loudly of how "the Party gave us fortunate lives." He was very talkative, the questions he asked were difficult, and he would not believe all the truth that I told him. In his words there was often the tendency or tone of insult. I used my personal experiences and the truth-clarifying information that I am familiar with, I used the compassion and wisdom given to me from cultivating Dafa, and I answered all his questions during our conversation. I kept my attitude sincere and "not superior nor inferior," and left him no room to attack. Although he claimed to have "very high standard linguistic skills," in our conversation he appeared to be at the end of his wits, and he had to apologise to me at the end of the conversation after I told him that swearing is not a good deed. He even asked me, "Can we be friends?"