Han Guirong, female, 33 years old

In April 2000, Ms. Han went to Beijing to appeal and validate Dafa and was extorted 1000 Yuan by Liu Guoping, a governmental official of Jincheng Township. Police and Liu Guopping from Jincheng Township Police Station beat and verbally abused Ms. Han. She was unlawfully detained by the police station for 15 days. In June 2000, she went to Beijing again to validate Dafa with her son and was illegally detained for 39 days in the detention center of Shuangcheng City and 350 Yuan was extorted from her by the policemen in the detention center. Moreover, the official from Jincheng Township government, Liu Guoping illegally forced her to pay an additional 4000 Yuan.

Guan Fumin, male, 32 years old

Guan was arrested when he went to Beijing to make an appeal and validate Dafa on September 15, 1999 and was transferred on September 17 to the second detention center of Shuangcheng City where he was unlawfully detained for 72 days. He had 2000 Yuan extorted from him by policeman Li Changjin from Qingling Township police station between September and October of 1999, 4000 Yuan by the police department of Shuangcheng City in November and 576 Yuan by the Shuangcheng detention center. The repeated extortions left Mr. Guan in a financial crisis and under a large burden of debt. His younger brother, who was only 30 years old, died of an illness in September 2001 due to lack of money to pay for the medical treatment.

Liu Guoshun, male, 32 years old

Liu went to Beijing with his wife in April 2000 to make an appeal and validate Dafa. He was detained against his will for 15 days by Jincheng Township police station and had 1000 Yuan extorted from him by the official of Jincheng Township government, Liu Guoping. On June 21, 2000, he was arrested by local police while practicing Falun Gong at home and detained for 39 days in the detention center of Shuangcheng City. He endured all kinds of brutal beatings and humiliation. After being on a hunger strike for 5 days, he was sent to Yimianpo for forced-labor "re-education."

Cang Fengying, female, 49 years old

On March 4, 2000, the municipal military department head of Shuangcheng City, Liu Wenfu forcibly body searched Ms. Cang and took away 300 Yuan and her ID. On April 1st, 2000, she had 350 extorted Yuan from her by director Cui of the Shuangcheng second detention center and 350 Yuan on May 25 by policeman Liu Yuhua of the detention center. During her unlawful imprisonment in the detention center, the guards incited other prisoners to pull and drag her to the hallway to force her to stand facing the wall, barefooted. In June, she was sent to the municipal brainwashing class and was again extorted 200 Yuan by the military department head Liu Wenfu and 50 Yuan by the director Lu of Wanjia Forced-labor Camp in Harbin.

Liu Yating, female,58 years old

Ms. Liu went to Beijing to make a lawful appeal and validate Dafa and was arrested in the Shuangcheng train station by plainclothes police and was then sent directly to the second detention center of Shuangcheng City. Four days later, Shuangcheng "6-10 Office" official Zhang Guofu extorted 2000 Yuan from her family and then released her. On December 12, 2000, she went to Beijing again to make a peaceful appeal and was identified by railway police at Harbin train station when she refused to curse at Dafa and Master Li [Before allowing them to enter the gate, police ask each person to curse Falun Dafa in order to trap practitioners]. She was illegally imprisoned in the second detention center of Shuangcheng City. During the detention, she endured various inhuman treatments and was detained in the same room together with 40-50 people and was not allowed to sleep. They then started a hunger strike to demand an unconditional release. Three days later, she was released after being extorted 2000 Yuan by the Shuangcheng "6-10 Office," official Zhang Guofu and community office staff Qu Botao.

Wang Dongmei, female, 38 years old

Ms. Wang went to Beijing to make an appeal and validate Dafa with other fellow practitioners on July 6, 2000. When talking to fellow practitioners in a Beijing train station, she was arrested by plainclothes police and sent to the Zhanqian police station and then transferred to the Beijing office of Shuangcheng City. She and other practitioners were extorted 1300 Yuan by the Beijing office staff Wang Shengli and Jiang. The village officials asked her husband to sign a note that said Ms. Wang's family owed the government the amount of money to cover the expenses for officials to go to Beijing to take them back. On July 12, You Yu and Lan Hongyu went to Beijing to send Ms. Wang and another practitioner back to be detained in Shuangcheng detention center for 18 days. Corrupt official Jin (female) and Zhang extorted 1500 Yuan from Ms. Wang's family and the detention center illegally fined her 200 Yuan. Wang Hongsheng, the head of Hongcheng Village in Handian Township and Liu Yingwu, the village head also extorted 500 Yuan from Ms. Wang.

Shao Chunyan, female, 28 years old

On the morning of the 3rd of January of the lunar calendar, officials of Zhoujia Village came to Ms. Shao's home to "investigate the situation." Ms. Shao, her mother-in-law and her 7-year-old son all declared that they would continue practicing Falun Gong. In the afternoon, a group of evil people led by Bureau Director Yu Hua came to Ms. Shao's home again and illegally confiscated Dafa books and forcefully arrested Ms. Shao and her mother-in-law. In Zhoujia police station, Ms. Shao's mother-in-law said that she wanted to use the washroom but was refused by official Yu Hua. Later they were sent to a mandatory brainwashing class that was organized in Zhoujia Seniors' Home. Whenever meeting Dafa practitioners, Yu Hua cursed at them and threatened, "I will not only curse you, but also beat you. I will send you away tomorrow." There were a total of 9 Dafa practitioners detained in the brainwashing class. Some practitioners were tricked into attending this class and were forced to write a pledge to give up practicing Falun Gong. If they refused, they were not allowed to go home and were watched by public security officers round the clock.