(Clearwisdom Net) In an effort to safeguard Dafa, practitioners in our region have appealed to the government and massively distributed truth-clarifying materials to the general public. Though achieving some positive results at the time, we have also encountered a number of problems afterward. First of all, we found that by distributing materials in the manner we did, we had no idea how many of the everyday people who received the materials actually understood the truth. There was a lot of repetitive work, and it became very difficult for us to further clarify the truth in a deeper and more refined way.

Because of all kinds of complicated situations that had arisen at the time, we conducted a comprehensive and detailed analysis. One of our main considerations was: why do we want to go out to distribute truth-clarifying materials more widely? The answer was that we believed we had already told the truth to people around us, and needed to clarify the truth to more people in society.

We contemplated further, that even though we clarified the truth to people around us that we should have, when this was done under the present circumstances where the evils are constantly making up rumors, would they be deceived again? Would they have the courage to support us in a peaceful way or condemn the evil people's brutal persecution of Dafa practitioners? Upon careful reflection, we did not achieve that. We simply told the truth to people around us, but many people did not thoroughly understand the truth and would not dare to lend us their support. This is where we need to make a breakthrough. We all came to recognize that to catch up with the Fa-rectification process, effectively stop and eliminate the evil forces' persecution against us, and offer salvation to more people, we urgently needed to clarify the truth in a deeper and more refined way. After detailed exchanges, we reached a common understanding: the next step would be to emphasize clarifying the truth to the everyday people with whom we had established amicable relationships. This way, it would be easier not only to build up trust, but also to gain the opportunity to clarify the truth to them in depth.

Then, we were confronted with the second problem: how would we get the practitioners who had not participated in the Fa-rectification involved in the Fa-rectification? How would we get the practitioners who had participated in the Fa-rectification but stopped for various reasons back on track for Fa-rectification? How would we get more practitioners to participate in safeguarding Dafa, bring every Dafa particle's abilities into full play and help all practitioners honor their vows made in remote ages. These are what we needed to focus on next.

We firmly believe that, as we continue to distribute truth-clarifying materials and expand our influence in society, so long as we maintain our focus on both of the above mentioned issues, we can clarify the truth in a deeper, more refined manner and reach people's hearts.

In fact, the result of our implementation of this approach in the past several months has been encouraging. On the one hand, we selected and wrote up some practitioners' understandings after participating in Fa-rectification, and shared them with all practitioners on a regular basis. Some practitioners who had not done well in Fa-rectification were greatly inspired. They gradually gained confidence and started to participate in the Fa-rectification process. On the other hand, as we clarified the truth at a deeper level, some everyday people around us changed drastically in a short time, some beyond expectation. At the individual level, every practitioner can persist in clarifying the truth to the everyday people around them, and play the role of Dafa particles. Collectively, all of us help each other, encourage each other, and eliminate the evils together, which has created a new outlook for Fa-rectification in our region.

In clarifying the truth in depth and more thoroughly, some practitioners have experienced increasing difficulty due to the limitation of their abilities. After due discussion, those who were capable of making Dafa materials in our region stopped distributing the truth clarifying literature directly as they had done previously. Instead, they started sorting, assembling and providing them to local Dafa practitioners, who in turn would hand them out to those everyday people with whom they had amicable relations. This way, the truth-clarifying literature was more effectively used, and could more easily touch the hearts of those who received them.