Story #1: These Statements Make Fine Decorations for My House

With Fa-rectification proceeding quickly, all Dafa practitioners in a northern county's capital city took action. To clarify the truth, Dafa flyers were posted on walls along streets, on trees, utility poles, and also statements such as "Falun Dafa is Good," "Falun Dafa is the Great Law of the Universe," "Falun Dafa is the Righteous Fa," were spray-painted. Everywhere, red-golden Dafa banners could be seen hanging from trees. These decorations constitute a beautifully scenic vista in this northern county capital.

The Dafa sayings painted in red that glowed in the sunlight with enthralling brilliance attracted many people. Later, two policemen came and said that they would cover them up with white paint. The owner of the house then came out and said sternly: "These phrases make good decorations for my house. If you cover them up with white paint, everything will just look white. That would be too ugly. This is my house. I won't permit you to paint graffiti on my house. I will make sure that whoever dares to paint will crawl back home!"

The policemen realized that they had run into a stone wall and, dispirited, quickly left.

The next day, some officials from the local township came, trying to persuade the owner of the house to cover up the statements. The owner did not budge at all. Later, one of the officials said: "What if we gave you 100 Yuan as compensation?" The owner replied steadfastly: "No way, not even 1000 or even 10,000 Yuan, let alone 100!" The township officials could do nothing and had to leave in dismay.

The owner's reason was that in his family a baby boy had been born who had been crying every night since birth. Neighbors could not sleep properly because of the noise. The owner had tried many remedies for a long time, none of which had ever worked. But the baby boy never cried again after those Dafa phrases had been painted on the house.

Afterward, the owner of the house would say whenever he would run into somebody: "Falun Dafa is really powerful. Even a saying has such powerful influence. After all, Falun Dafa is really the great cosmic Law!" This is called the principle of "good being rewarded with good."

Story #2: Don't Worry! When It's Time, All Will Get Their Due

There was a family consisting of husband, wife and two children, all of whom practiced Falun Dafa. Working to safeguard Dafa, the husband and wife had been arrested many times for appealing to the central government. The wife had been sentenced to 3 years in a labor camp, and the Public Security Bureau (PSB) intended to prosecute the husband as well.

The male practitioner was forced to abandon his home, but still went on safeguarding Dafa while in exile. However, a 10-year-old and an 8-year-old were left at home without anyone to take care of them.

The PSB had thought that the practitioner would not just leave the children for good. The male practitioner might come back stealthily to check on the children. Thus, they broke into his house in the dead of night many times to try to arrest him. But every time, they went in vain and left empty-handed.

The PSB personnel did not want to give up. They came up with an idea: They tried to hire a person for 500 Yuan a month to monitor the home, but they could find no one willing to do such an unconscionable thing.

The neighbors were all angry and said: "You are all black-hearted! You guys broke up such a nice family. Isn't that enough? You all have wolf hearts and dog lungs! We would not even take the black-heart-tainted 5,000 Yuan, let alone 500! You will be shocked to death if you eat food bought with this money or if you have to take medicine. No matter what, you will suffer for what you have done."

The PSB agents were cursed by the neighbors and had to leave in dismay.

The PSB people still would not back down and found an old man who cleans streets and neighborhoods. They thought that the cleaner would like to have money, and he certainly would have liked to take the money. But when they asked him, he told them that he would never do such a thing and also told those PSB agents: "To be a human being is to have a conscience. Never do anything unconscionable! God has eyes. If you do bad things, you will be punished for them!"

The PSB agents did not believe this: "We PSB agents have all beaten people and done bad things. How come none of us has been punished?"

The old man said: "Don't worry! When it is time, all will get their due. I myself am a good example. Do you know why I can only clean streets for a living? During the Cultural Revolution, I was a XX Party Secretary supervising more than 1,000 people going about the shenanigans of class-struggle politics all day long. If not criticizing a Zhang San, we would rally against a Li Si. There were people who were driven insane and those who were maimed by beatings in our company. After the Cultural Revolution, all those targeted got redress. I was sentenced to 5 years in jail. I had 3 children: one was mentally retarded, another went insane, and the third had prenatal heart disease. These were all karmic retributions that I received from the bad things I did to others! I am telling you all this because I hope you never again go along the same path that I did. You are still young. Don't do things to the extreme. Leave yourself a way out. If you follow Jiang Zemin now and do bad things, then, after Falun Gong gets redress, you guys will be the first ones to be singled out as scapegoats! It will then be too late to regret. Eventually, good will be rewarded with good and evil will meet with evil. If you don't believe it, go home and ask the old timers in your family who did bad things before, which of them has escaped the eyes of God? You will experience retribution, be it in this life or the next, be it upon yourself or upon your offspring. Really think about it!"

Story #3: Treat Dafa Practitioners Well and You Can Make Up for Past Mistakes

The head of the PSB Political & Security Section in a county has been fanatical about persecuting Dafa since 1999. When he was illegally interrogating the Dafa practitioners who were arrested and escorted back because they had appealed to the central government, he would curse and beat them, thereby attacking Dafa and Teacher. Practitioners tried to warn him not to, but he wouldn't listen.

Soon, his wife got cancer and spent about 10,000 Yuan on trying to cure it. Bad luck begets bad luck, as they say. His son got hepatitis B.

It seemed then, that he started to realize something.

One Dafa practitioner was arrested. All his Dafa books were confiscated. After he was allowed to return home, he went to the PSB and openly asked for those books back.

In the beginning, the section head there was still very fierce and would not give back the books. Then, the practitioner started to clarify the truth about Dafa, and talked about the cosmic principle of retribution of good and evil.

Then, the attitude of this section head began to soften. He said, "I can understand now. Look at my case. My wife got cancer and my son got hepatitis B. Now that these things have already happened and cannot be reversed, I think I have no other choice but to go ahead and continue with what I am doing."

The practitioner warned him, "See, you made karma yourself, but your wife and son had to suffer for you. If you don't stop now, your retribution later could be worse. If you wake up now and try to be a good person again, treat Falun Dafa practitioners well, do good deeds, and make up for the bad things you have done, you can still have a good future."

Finally, this section head said, "Thank you for your kindness. I understand now. I was deceived by Jiang Zemin. It was because of him that I fell into this pathetic situation. Your Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa. I will never work myself to the bone for Jiang Zemin again. After the issue of Falun Gong is redressed, I will follow your practice of Falun Gong as well."

Upon leaving, the section head gave the practitioner the set of books.

Unexpectedly, just when the Dafa practitioner got home, the section head, who had followed him home, appeared. The practitioner asked him what was the matter.

The section head said: "Just now I only gave you the books, but forgot to give you the exercise music tapes. I am afraid that I will not be able to practice myself, so I have brought them for you to use."

Later, the section head started practicing Falun Gong in his own home. He would let Dafa practitioners know of any action by the "610 Office" against them, and did many good deeds to protect Dafa practitioners.

Story #4: PSB Agents All Know That You Practitioners Have Supernormal Abilities

The PSB arrested a practitioner posting truth-clarifying flyers. The PSB head ordered two agents to watch for this practitioner and planned to interrogate him the next day. The two agents divided their duties into two shifts. Then, the practitioner started to clarify the truth about Falun Gong to them.

During a talk with one of the agents, the practitioner learned that this agent had newly graduated from college before being assigned to the Political & Security Section. After only a few months, he realized that he had chosen the wrong profession. He had been very idealistic and originally thought that policemen were supposed to arrest bad guys, enforce the law, stand up to bullies and support the weak, as well as protect people's lives and property. But after he was assigned to the PSB, he found out that it was not as he had originally thought. Most of the agents had no sense of ethics, were poorly educated, and had no sense of the legal system. All they did was eat, drink, have fun and commit even worse crimes than those of the local hooligans. People wouldn't say anything in front of them, but behind their backs, they cursed them. Especially now, they don't do what they are supposed to do but bully Falun Gong practitioners who do not fight back when hit and do not curse back when cursed.

He told the practitioner: "I have read a lot of your truth-clarifying materials. They make a lot of sense. You are all good people. Where can we find such good people nowadays? Certainly Falun Gong will obtain redress. You people must keep on doing what you have been doing. I will practice Falun Gong as well some day to improve myself."

He said: "When practitioners posting flyers are arrested they are sent to labor camps. See, you are such a good person; I cannot stand sending you to that hell of a place to suffer. That is not a place for a human being. I will just release you tonight."

The practitioner asked: "What are you going to do if you release me? My teacher said we should consider others first. I cannot get you into trouble. I am not afraid of labor camps. But I thank you very much for the kindness of your heart. Your kind heart will surely be rewarded!"

He said, "Don't worry, I have ways of dealing with it. You just go."

The practitioner insisted that he be told how the agent was going to deal with his boss. Otherwise, he would not go.

He said: "To tell you the truth, all PSB agents know that you practitioners have supernormal abilities to slip out of handcuffs, run on walls and rooftops. Quite a few have already escaped. Even our bureau head knows about this, but will not talk about it. In order not to undermine morale he just leaves it like that. Our bureau head is especially afraid of practitioners'sending forth righteous thoughts. Whenever they sent forth righteous thoughts, he would have nightmares in which someone wanted to kill him, and would suffer from heart pain or sometimes lose consciousness. Every week, we have to take turns caring for him. Don't worry about it. I released one last time. He did not say anything."

The practitioner was very happy, holding the agent's hands and said: "Thank you for your kind heart. You are sure to have a wonderful future." The agent unlocked the handcuffs and personally walked the practitioner over to the gate to see him off.