Masanjia Labor Camp has been the focus of the Mainland Chinese media for the past two years because of the "good job" they have done in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. As a witness who has experienced Masanjia's horrendous crimes against practitioners, I must tell the world about what really happens and expose Masanjia's evil nature.

I. Citizens Are Forced to Give Up Their Spiritual Beliefs

Masanjia deprives Falun Gong practitioners of their freedom of belief by forcing them to give up their belief system in the following systematic steps:

1) Brainwashing

For new practitioners in labor camps, the brigade's brainwashing expert will introduce them to fallacious theories based on some deliberately distorted interpretations of Falun Gong teachings. They begin by targeting practitioners attachments, telling them to "look inside yourself;" then they will take some sentences out of context in order to lead the practitioners in a wrong direction. Their ultimate purpose is to corrupt their belief system.

2) Scare Tactics

A brigade administrator will approach practitioners for a talk if they are not swayed by the brainwashing tactics. What he says will be focused on some spurious theories. Sometimes this kind of talk is very hypocritical and extremely evil. But most of these brigade administrators will say, "You cannot get out if you are not transformed. This is where you get 'mind reform.' If your mind does not become changed, you will never be able to walk out of this gate."

3) Violence

For those staunch Falun Gong practitioners that do not buy into the above two tactics, the evil persecutors will pull off their cloak of hypocrisy and expose their true, evil natures. They use various kinds of coercive torture tactics, such as forced squatting for long periods of time, body folding, airplane flying, the half squat, forced sleep deprivation, shocks from electric batons, merciless beating, locking up practitioners in a tiny cell, and other brutal forms of torture. (For a detailed description for these and other forms of torture used in forced labor camps, see http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/24/16156.html) They isolate practitioners from one another, hold brigade-wide rallies of political criticism against certain practitioners, and forbid visits from relatives. The torture is both mental and physical, to the point where one can no longer endure. Then they will try brainwashing them again, utilising those already brainwashed former practitioners who profess a perverted understanding of Falun Gong teachings. In those "better-dead-than-alive" environments, the mental determination of practitioners is undermined and their righteous thoughts are destroyed.

4) Deceptive Tactics

Masanjia government agents play chameleons extremely well. They might do small favors for those long-time steadfast practitioners, such as bringing in a piece of clothing from home, buying some delicious treats for them, having emotionally persuasive talks while holding their hands, or promising to reduce their jail terms. When some long time "hard nut" is cracked, they will embrace them, crying out loud to show how much they care about them. They will even sing a song to show the practitioners how sincerely and emotionally involved they have become with them. In actuality, these shenanigans are just another malicious way of aiming to destroy practitioners.

II. Complete Brainwashing

In order to prevent those who experience the initial brainwashing from "reverting back," Masanjia uses a variety of malicious methods in setting up the so-called "environment" to brainwash them completely.

1) They broadcast propaganda to practitioners, including TV programming and videos, that attack Falun Gong. They broadcast the so-called "thank-you letters" from relatives of those brainwashed former practitioners who hold a twisted understanding of the Teachings, and extol Liu Jing's malicious lecture that defames our Teacher and slanders Falun Dafa. [Liu Jing is the head of the Central "610 Office," which is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.] They create an evil environment by using these false teachings.

2) They force those brainwashed collaborators to buy books and write "school assignments" and "exams" attacking Falun Dafa. These people are forced to turn in their weekly and monthly summary reports through which the collaborators' so-called "mental dynamics" may be monitored. Gradually, they further brainwash them by using this seemingly benign but in fact most harmful technique.

3) Brainwashed practitioners are repeatedly forced to write the so-called "letter of political exposure and criticism" and "teachings by personal experience," and forced to read their writings out loud at brigade meetings. They hold regular or ad hoc rallies of "political exposure and criticism" and "conferences for the transformed to speak out by personal experiences." They hold rallies to criticise those who want to come back to Falun Dafa, and make them watch malicious "artistic performances" that attack Falun Dafa.

III. Evil Agents Deliberately Misinterpret Falun Dafa Teachings

The most devious ploy of Masanjia is that Su Jing, who is the head of No. 2 Female Reformatory, personally markets her nefarious tactics on how to mislead practitioners into corrupt understandings of the Teachings. Practitioners are forbidden from studying the Fa and from doing the exercises. As a result, they cannot study the Fa deeply enough, nor can they gain a clear understanding of the relationship between personal cultivation and cultivation in the period of Fa-rectification. They are also prevented from having a clear understanding about the so-called "destructive tests" and "arrangements by the Old Forces." Practitioners are placed in a demonic environment full of deliberately deviated understandings of the Fa. If they are not very careful, they will be easily taken advantage of by demons.

1) Within a brigade, they organize group meetings, regularly or irregularly, to conduct the so-called "talk and discuss" sessions, the purpose of which is to invent excuses and reasons to justify one's "reform."

2) Within a brigade, all squads are coordinated in such a way that facilitates "discussions" on a larger scale, rationalization of twisted understandings, and finding "strategies and tactics" for sabotaging Falun Dafa.

3) The No. 1 and No. 2 Brigades exchange those former practitioners who are successfully brainwashed in order to discuss their spurious theories and experiences to brainwash others.

4) Masanjia invites those early collaborators, those who believe in the deeply distorted understandings of Falun Dafa, to come back to give lectures. All they talk about are those "good results" of how they forced Falun Dafa practitioners to give up their cultivation. They send these agents to every squad to spread their corrupted understandings. Furthermore, they deviously pretend as though the persecutors are actually trying to create better conditions for practitioners to discuss their rightful understandings of the Fa.

5) They frequently organize those hardcore collaborators of different squads to go to the offices of brigade administrators and reformatory chiefs to discuss their twisted understandings. Yang Chuanjun and Niu Hong, who hold deeply distorted understandings Falun Dafa, were often used to spread their fabricated theories, causing confusion among practitioners.

IV. "Destroy the old and establish the new"

What Su Jing describes as "destroy the old and establish the new" is actually an attempt to confuse the mind, destroy mental endurance, attack one's righteous thoughts, and totally disrupt one's mental processes.

V. Forcing Collaborators to Slander Falun Dafa

What is most vicious is that they entice those collaborators to curse Falun Dafa and Teacher, thus totally betraying them. Su Jing and Sun, the head of an institution for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, look for those important "collaborator trainees," who can serve their purposes as a so-called "reform cadre." They attempt to create enthusiasm in the trainees who will be used as tools in undermining practitioners' righteous thoughts. These brainwashed former practitioners with twisted theories will then cooperate with the malicious persecutors in brainwashing other practitioners, and thus unknowingly take the path arranged by the Old Forces, one designed for the total destruction of Falun Dafa practitioners.

Although lies may momentarily deceive people, all that is based on lies is powerless. More and more of those released from Masanjia Labor Camp are awakening, which is a very powerful rebuttal to the vicious brainwashing tactics.