(Clearwisdom.net ) This afternoon a practitioner in the U.S. told me that my computer was infected with viruses and the e-mails I sent to other practitioners might be infected as well. My first reaction was to ask my IT (Information Technology) director how to clean out the virus. She told me to buy the most popular anti-virus software. I bought it immediately, but it turned out that this advanced anti-virus software could not clean out the two viruses on my computer. I then contacted a practitioner who is very good with computers. He patiently took me step-by-step through what I should do, but it still did not work after I had tried all of his suggestions for a while. By then, four hours had passed. Then I called my co-worker and the storeowner who sold me the computer. We checked again and again. Pretty soon another four hours passed. Finally, they exhausted all kinds of ways to remove the viruses. Based on their experience, they came to the conclusion that the viruses in my computer could not be cleaned and the hardware had to be reconfigured. I really did not want to reconfigure my hardware since it was full of Dafa materials. It would not be right if I erased all of my Dafa files to reconfigure the hardware.

During this period of more than 8 hours, I kept asking myself: Why was my computer infected with viruses? What attachments or mistakes did I have to cause the virus intrusion? This computer is used exclusively for Dafa work, isn't it obvious that this is evil interference? Why is it that when encountered with small trouble with my computer in the past I would usually send forth righteous thoughts, but this time I was limited to everyday people's ways of dealing with the so-called scary viruses? Finally I put aside this attachment of being eager to resolve the virus problem and went to visit a Dafa web page.

The first article that came to my sight was "Dafa Clears Up Confusion" (published in Clearwisdom.net), in which the author talked about how he maintained his computer with righteous thoughts. All of a sudden I woke up: How can I acknowledge such interference? I started to rescan the computer to clean the viruses, and at the same time kept sending forth righteous thoughts. The computer is also a life in another dimension, and I would rectify the part of this life that was not righteous. I would not let the evil utilize this life.

When sending forth righteous thoughts I strongly felt that this was a test to my righteous belief and enlightenment. I firmly held that I would rectify the interference, and these viruses should not be in my computer at all. Right before I finished scanning the computer, the storeowner called me to say that he was ready to come over to reconfigure my computer. I immediately realized that whether I wanted him to come or not was another test for me. I calmed down and told him that I would call him back later. I kept sending forth righteous thoughts with a pure heart. The result of this scanning was "no virus found in the files." All the viruses that were prevalent amidst everyday people were destroyed after I sent forth righteous thoughts. When I confirmed there was no virus on my computer once again, my eyes were filled with tears. I called the storeowner to let him know that I had resolved the virus problem, and then I sat down to write this article.

Cultivation is a serious matter. A Dafa practitioner should keep righteous thoughts, righteous beliefs and righteous enlightenment at all times, then no time will be wasted. The result of this test manifested the power of Dafa, and it was also a benevolent hint from our Master to help me enlighten. Once again I realized my shortcomings through those 9 hours. I will continue with my efforts and try to take every step well in the the Fa- rectification process.