Worldwide Support

During the past two years of the Fa-rectification and truth-clarification process, Falun Dafa practitioners in Toronto not only kept continuously clarifying the truth to the Canadian governments and people at different levels, but also clarified the truth to Consular officials from many countries with diplomatic missions in Toronto. Through this process, diplomatic envoys from different countries could understand and support Falun Dafa.


Clarify the Truth to Save the World's People

Cries from Qinghua: A 29-year old graduate in 1995 from the Computer Department of the Qinghua University, Yuan Jiang was tortured to death in Lanzhou. The policemen used two truckloads worth of torture instruments to torture and beat him up severely for two months, only because he determinedly insisted on his belief in "Truthfulness", "Compassion", and "Tolerance". There are still many, many others like him in the Qinghua campus who were sentenced for their spiritual belief: Zhao Ming, Zhu Tong, Yu Jinmei, Li Chunyang, Huang Kui, Lin Yang, Jiang Yuxia, Meng Jun, Qin Peng, Yu Ping, Yu Jia, Qiu Shuqing, and more.

Words sent to the friends and relatives of Falun Dafa practitioners: For the past two years, you have witnessed the persecution by the evil done to Falun Dafa practitioners. At the same time, you yourselves became the victims of this persecution. More people awakened will become the strong force that suffocates the evil. You have no obligation to co-operate with the evil. On the contrary, you should be courageous in resisting against the evil, so that the Falun Dafa practitioners can return back to you as soon as possible. Please don't believe in the evil lies. Falun Dafa practitioners are the people that you can trust the most.


Latest News From China -- 12/10/2001

Today, 108 people published solemn announcements, claiming that all they have said and done under great pressure from the evil and with degenerate notions and fear, that didn't conform to Dafa, is completely void. They will continue their Dafa cultivation, thoroughly clarify the truth, and double their efforts in making up for the loss they caused to Dafa. A non-practitioner declared that all he said that didn't conform to Dafa is void. He also said, "I think I'll become a member in Dafa."

"Dafa solves mystery" (continued). The inspiring stories of practitioners opening handcuffs, locks, jumping over walls and breaking out of cages strengthened my righteous belief in "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful." When I really understood the current cultivation state from the perspective of Fa principles, my righteous belief was more rational and determined.


Falun Dafa Overseas

During the Golden Horse Awards (A well-known film award in Taiwan), practitioners showed many Dafa banners in front of the TV cameras with their wisdom, so that tens of millions of people watching TV in China could see the popularity of Dafa in Taiwan. The practitioners' actions validated Dafa and clarified the truth.

At an unusual talent show at a college in Washington DC, 9 practitioners from different countries demonstrated the second and the fifth sets of the Falun Gong exercises. Their performance led the audience to a realm that transcended the material world and was free from vulgarity.

A practitioner's understanding: righteous thoughts form and grow through studying the Fa and cultivation. Eliminate the degenerate human notions in our minds and make judgments according to the principles of Dafa. Be strict with ourselves and search inward for problems. Maintain a firm belief in Dafa, truly break away from humanness, and clarify the truth thoroughly.


Cultivation Stories

I have been very timid since I was a little child. When sleeping alone, I was afraid to be in the dark so I kept the light on. Now, with my belief in Dafa and righteous thoughts in my mind, I posted flyers and distributed Dafa truth materials at night for the purpose of letting more people know the goodness of Falun Dafa and the evils' persecution of Dafa. During the process, I have overcome numerous fears and finally went to Tiananmen Square for Fa Rectification.

On the night of September 11, 2001, 24 Dafa practitioners were illegally arrested one after another and were sent to a detention center for coerced brainwashing. The practitioners "followed the Fa as the master" at all times. They were determined in their righteous thoughts, clarifying the truth about Dafa to people and eliminating the evil around them. With the assistance of the Dafa practitioners' family members, they finally triumphed over their persecutors and put an end to the over 70 days illegal detention. In the end, they openly walked out from the detention center in dignity.