• Police in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province Use the "Implication System" to Persecute the Innocent Relatives of Falun Dafa Practitioners Who Have Been Forced to Leave Their Homes
  • A Cultivator Who is Content and Bears No Hatred
  • A Short Story about Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts
  • The Mazhang Ruiyun Police Station Abducts Dafa Practitioners
  • Hewan Labor Camp in Wuhan City Unjustifiably Cancels the Scheduled Visiting Day
  • Please Pay Attention to the Illegally Detained Dafa Practitioner Li Yongjun
  • News from Hainan Province
  • Serious Advice for the Literary Prostitutes of the "New Culture View"



[Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province] Police in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province Use the "Implication System" to Persecute the Innocent Relatives of Falun Dafa Practitioners Who Have Been Forced to Leave Their Homes

According to internal sources, the terroristic "610 Office" (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) issued a secret order to locate and arrest all the Dafa practitioners who were forced to leave home. If the practitioners do not come back, their family members will be arrested and the whole family will be implicated.

One example of the effect of the "implication system" is in a household near the dairy in Qingyunpu District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. The son was pursued by the Police Department because he cultivated Falun Dafa and clarified the truth to the people of the world. He was forced to leave home and has been wandering about for more than a year. During the period of the "Serious Crackdown on Crime" campaign, the police went to his home and threatened his family members. They demanded that his parents get their son back, and tried to force them to publish a notice in the newspaper to find their son. His family members refused, so the police brought them to the police station, even though his father is not a practitioner. His mother was released because she had a severe headache after being arrested. She recovered right after she went back home. Seeing this method failed, the police arrested many of his relatives and brought them to the police station. The only way for his family members to avoid this relentless harassment was to publish a notice in the newspaper saying that his mother's life was in danger. They hoped that he would come back home as soon as possible. At the end of November, however, his innocent relatives were still not released from jail.

[Benxi City, Liaoning Province] A Cultivator Who is Content and Bears No Hatred

Wang Lijuan, female, is a lecturer at the Benxi City Commercial Finance and Trade College in Liaoning Province. On February 22, 2001, she was illegally detained after being betrayed by Shen Wei, Xu Qiuli, Chen Shuwen, Chen Gang, and others. On April 25, 2001, she was illegally arrested. Currently she is being held in the Benxi City Bailou Detention Center. On November 7, the Benxi City Mingshan District Court sentenced her to 3 years in prison on fabricated charges.

Wang Lijuan demonstrated a Dafa practitioner's magnificence during detention and in Court. In the face of evil, she never yielded. She stated, "It is not wrong to cultivate Dafa and spread Dafa." She was asked, "Your fellow practitioners reported you to the police. Why don't you report other people? What do you think?" She answered," I am not discontent nor do I have any hatred. I only hope that you will immediately turn away from the wrong path, distinguish right from wrong, and come to know Dafa right away." Her benevolent and righteous attitude shook all of the people present.

[China] A Short Story about Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

A fellow practitioner just came back from validating Dafa in Beijing. One day, when walking down the street, she suddenly noticed that a policeman was following her. She immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to ask him to turn right. When turning her head, she suddenly saw three rows of glittering Buddhas sitting cross-legged, with their backs toward her. They obstructed the policeman's sight, so he could not see her and he turned right. It made this fellow practitioner feel the great power of righteous thoughts.

[Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province] The Mazhang Ruiyun Police Station Abducts Dafa Practitioners

Recently, several policemen from the Mazhang Ruiyun Police Station in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province happened upon female Dafa practitioners Feng Nu, Kong Xiuzhu, Wang Xiaoqing and Cai Mei. Using the excuse of asking them a few questions, they deceived the practitioners into going to the police station. Then they forcibly sent them to a Brainwashing Class.

The phone number of Mazhang Ruiyun Police Station is 86-759--2711770.

[Wuhan City, Hubei Province] Hewan Labor Camp in Wuhan City Unjustifiably Cancels the Scheduled Visiting Day

November 13th is the scheduled visiting Day for Falun Gong practitioners in Team 2 of the Hewang Labor Camp. It pained the Falun Gong practitioners' relatives that the 20-minute visit to their family members was unjustifiably canceled. The guards in the forced labor camp made up an explanation for the practitioners' relatives, saying that the practitioners had been transferred into a strict-surveillance class for violating the rules. When asked how the practitioners violated the rules, the guards gave them a vague and irrelevant answer.

The details about the "strict-surveillance class" are as follows: In the strict-surveillance class, Falun Gong practitioners were not allowed to talk to each other at all. They were forced to sit from morning to night, and were not allowed to stand or walk even for a minute. They had to report if they wanted to use the toilet. (The toilet is actually just a barrel put in the doorway, used for holding urine and feces). The practitioners never had enough food for meals, and they were not allowed to buy food at the snack counter. The guards even threw away the food that the practitioners bought before going to the class because they did not report it to them. It happened frequently that the "messengers" (the prisoners, who were assigned by the guards to watch Falun Gong practitioners) maliciously beat and cursed the practitioners. When the practitioners reported to the team leader, he simply gave a vague excuse in a perfunctory manner, and connived with the "messengers" to persecute Falun Gong practitioners even more. If the practitioners practiced the exercises, the guards would pull them to the office or the yard, and brutally beat them. The Falun Gong practitioners held at the Hewan Labor Camp are suffering from severe torture both mentally and physically.


[Changchun City, Jilin Province] Please Pay Attention to the Illegally Detained Dafa Practitioner Li Yongjun

Li Yongjun, a forty one-year-old woman, was the senior engineer of the No.1 Automobile Factory of Changchun City. In March 2000, the local police station asked her whether she would go to Beijing to appeal, with the intent of stopping the persecution of Falun Gong, she answered yes. As a result, she was illegally sentenced to 1 year of forced labor on the charge of "planning to appeal in Beijing". Now, she has been illegally detained for nearly 21 months in the Heizuizi Female Forced Labor Camp of Changchun City and still has not been released. Also, since she was illegally detained, she was allowed to see her relatives only twice the whole time. Such treatment of Dafa practitioners already seriously violated the UN's universal declaration of human rights and current Chinese law. It is reported that this Dafa practitioner is now on a hunger strike; the number of days is unknown. She is now a mere skeleton and it's too heartbreaking to look at her.

The name list of the vicious people responsible:

Director of the Heizuizi Female Forced Labor Camp: Fan Youlan

Section chief of the "Education" section: Yue Jun, Lian Guangri

The team leaders: Liu Hu, Zhang Lilan, Xi Guirong, Li Wenna, Wang Limei, Wu Wei, Ren Feng, Zhang Guimei, Liu Ying, Li Xiaohua, Zhu Dan, Li Ying, Li Tong, Yan Lifeng, Wen Ying

0431-5382883 transfers to the office of the head of the labor camp (last name is Wu)

0431-5382883 extension 2292 to transfer to section chief Li (female) of the political section of the labor camp

[Hainan Province] News from Hainan Province

In mid-November, several Dafa practitioners were arrested in Sanya Phoenix Airport of Hainan Province for reading Minghui Net. Because of this, the chief of the computer department at the airport was dismissed and the head of the airport also received punishment.

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] Seriously Advice for the Literary Prostitutes of the "New Culture View"

On November 27, 2001, a specially appointed Beijing reporter Wang Hu from the "New Culture View" of Changchun City reported: The book that slandered Dafa by chief editor Shi Zheng was recently published and distributed by Jilin Photography Publishing Company. Also, the "New Culture View" also published many reports that slandered Dafa, assisting the evil and helping the tyrants to commit criminal acts.

We call on Dafa practitioners to send forth the righteous thoughts together to eradicate the evil.

Telephone numbers of the responsible divisions:

The "New Culture View" in Jilin Province":

Public phone number of the chief editor: 0431-5388823

Office of the chief editor: 0431-5374318

Current Political News Department: 0431-5374341

Science, Education and Health Department: 0431-5374343

Social News Department: 0431-5388820

Cultural News Department: 0431-5374346

Special Issue Department: 0431-5374333

Jilin reporter center: 0432-2498813

Jilin Photography Publishing Company: 0431-5638384


"New Culture View": 152-1 Renmin Street, Changchun, Jilin Province

Zip code: 130022

Email: XWHpublic.cc.ji.cn