I am 16 years old. I started practicing Falun Dafa in August of 1998. I lost the privilege of attending school ever since Jiang Zemin's regime began persecuting Falun Dafa.

On the evening of September 29th, 2001, my younger brother and I went out to post Falun Dafa flyers. We finished at around one o'clock in the morning, so we stayed overnight at a fellow practitioner's home. The next morning, I went grocery shopping and returned home.

As soon as I stepped into my house, I saw the local police station director and the Party secretary interrogating my mother about me. I told them, "Who said that I've gone away? I'm right here." They saw the groceries in my hand and then they left. I told my mother what I did the night before. All the truth-revealing materials had been posted. My mother said with a big smile, "You kids have done wonderfully well!"

Not more than ten minutes later, three policemen in a jeep came. One of them was tall and had a dark complexion. They grabbed the calendar on the wall, which had the words "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance" on it. Then they arrested me and took me to the police station.

They locked me in a room on the second floor. I saw two iron rings attached to the floor, about 3 feet apart; they looked like the kind used for restraining people. A half hour later, one of the policemen came in and started to interrogate me. He told me to raise my head but I did not as I refused to cooperate with any evil request. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, but I still would not raise my head. He pulled my hair harder, and said, "Someone accused you and your brother of spreading flyers somewhere. Is it true?" I was shocked. Who had found out? I usually distributed flyers at night.

He was roaring like a beast. In order to protect my younger brother, who is not a practitioner, I said, "I did it by myself. My brother was not involved." He asked, "Where did those flyers come from?" I would not answer. He became enraged again. He pulled my hair and slapped my face left and right. I felt numb when he slapped me. He beat me down to the floor, but I got right back up. Uncontrollable tears ran down my face.

The policeman asked me again, "Where did those flyers come from? Tell us, then we'll let you go. Otherwise don't say that we didn't try to treat you nicely." I sent forth righteous thoughts in my heart and did not even look at him. Still grabbing my hair, he shouted, "Where did they come from?" I endured the pain. He slapped me several times again, and asked, "Aren't you going to answer? Where did they come from?" He beat me down to the floor again. I pulled myself up slowly and thought, "I would rather die today than answer. There is no way that I would betray my fellow practitioners!"

The policeman then tried to use a soft tactic. He came closer to me, and said, "You are still young. Those flyers were definitely not printed by you. You don't know how to produce them. Others are using you. How can you be so dumb? It's the Mid-Fall Festival and our National Day tomorrow. If you tell me, we'll let you go!" I refused to acknowledge him. He asked several more times. I answered, "I picked those flyers up by my door." He responded, "Picked up? That's impossible! There weren't just one or two pages, people said you passed out more than ten." I thought to myself, "More than ten is not very many. I think it's not even enough!" He asked me once more, but I still refused to answer. He started to beat me again while many policemen entered the room. Among them there was the police station director, the Party secretary, and that tall policeman with the dark complexion. They slapped me more than ten times. The first policeman became exasperated and went away.

The tall, dark-complexioned policeman brought out a pair of handcuffs. He shouted, "Stand up! Come here, and get into these handcuffs! Let's see if you still won't answer us. This is just the beginning (of the tortures)!" I refused to cooperate with their persecution of Dafa practitioners and refused to stand up. He insisted that I had to stand up. I sent forth righteous thoughts. He lifted me up and pushed me against the wall. He wanted me to sit between the two iron rings on the floor, but I refused. He kicked my legs with his leather boots. I was wearing shorts and I was on my period, but I did not feel any pain when they slapped me or kicked me.

He tried to force me to sit by pressing me down. He connected the handcuffs to one of the rings and said, "Take your hand out!" I refused. He punched my right hand with his fist and forced my right hand into the cuff. He sat in front of me, and told me to raise my head to look at him. I refused. He demanded again and kicked my chin with his leather boots. I still refused to look at him. He kicked me many more times. I just refused to look at his evil-possessed face. He asked again, "Where did those flyers come from?" I remained silent. "Where?!" Seeing that I was refusing to talk, he stepped on my face with his leather boots and punched my head forcefully onto the wall. I still remained silent. He was at his wit's end, and finally he left too.

The first policeman then came back with an electric baton about 8 inches long. I kept on sending forth righteous thoughts. He squatted down. The third policeman who arrested me came at this point, with paper and pen in hand. He asked me, "What's your name?" I was silent. "What is your name?!" His voice became louder and louder. I never answered him.

The first policeman was now mad. He shocked my left hand. I screamed and pulled my hand back. He asked, "How old are you?" I did not answer. He shocked my left hand again. Seeing the sparks, I drew back further. I was nearly backed up against the wall, so I had to move away. He used the baton to shock my head. I shook my head vigorously. He stopped, and said, "I'm not asking you anything but your age. Why not answer?" I thought to myself. "If I tell you my age while I am being shocked, you would soon be able to make me reveal the sources of the Dafa materials. I will never cooperate with you!" He saw that I was maintaining my silence so he shocked and slapped me again. I cried, but I was very clear in my heart: "I will never betray my fellow practitioners!" After this thought became firm, I never answered him from then on.

They continued to ask me for my age. In order to prevent other people from hearing my screams, they closed all the doors. I screamed loudly, calling for my Mom. The first policeman began to leave, saying that he would bring back a larger (higher voltage) electric baton. He said viciously, "The shock from that baton will blow open your flesh. Who cares if you won't talk?" I sent forth a righteous thought: May his baton be out of batteries so that he can not bring it in!"

The third policeman asked again, "How old are you?" I was silent. He stood up and took the electric baton. My left hand was now cuffed onto the other iron ring. I could not move much at all. He tried to shock the iron rings and the handcuffs, but they would not conduct electricity. Then he tried to shock my hand. I shook my hand vigorously. He grabbed my head and fiercely punched it towards the wall. I heard a loud "Bang!" but I did not feel hurt at that moment. Then, the first policeman came back but he was empty handed. I thought to myself, "He was not able to bring the higher voltage baton!" They asked again, "How old are you? Why don't you answer us?" I thought to myself, "You are torturing me worse and worse to force me to give up. If I give you an inch, you'll take a yard. No matter how much you torture me with your electric baton, I will not say a word!"

The first policeman now dared to use murderous tactics on me. He shocked me on my neck. I lost control of my bladder and wet my pants with urine and blood. Because of the long struggle, the cuff began to cut into the flesh of my left hand. I was lying on the floor and had no strength to get up. I cried loudly as I sat on the floor.

The third policeman kicked me hard on my right foot and told me to stand up. I told him, "I don't have the strength." Finally they ran out of ways to torture me. They unlocked my handcuffs. My whole body was shaking and I was swallowing a lot of mucous. I felt dizzy and could not open my eyes. They all left for lunch. When they came back they gave me a bowl of rice, which I refused to eat.

Half an hour later, the first policeman released me from the handcuffs and said, "Come sit on the chair. Let's have a nice talk." I said, "Ever since I was little, I've seen on TV that electric batons and handcuffs are used on the bad guys. I am only 16. What crime did I do? Why should I be treated like this?" He responded, "Because you passed out flyers." I said, "Why is it wrong to pass out flyers? Jiang Zemin has killed more than 277 of my fellow practitioners; he has treated human lives as nothing more than straws. He gives vent to his personal grudges without consideration for its cost. He has slandered Falun Gong. He has said that killing us Falun Gong practitioners is nothing and that it would be counted as a suicide. He has dared to use such murderous means. He also uses the state mechanism to paint a nice picture of himself. I simply want to reveal the truth to the world. I want to let the people know who is right and who is wrong." He responded, "How did you know that Jiang Zemin treats human lives as nothing more than straws? You learned that through hearsay." I answered, "I have facts to prove it. I am only a 16-year-old girl. You can use handcuffs and electric batons to beat me up and force me to tell you things, but I am sure that those 277 fellow practitioners truly died of tortures through Jiang Zemin's doing."

He was silent for a while. Suddenly he said, "You are attacking the leader of our Party and country." I answered, "Jiang Zemin cannot represent the Party or the country. What he really has done is what we are revealing here. We did not do him any wrong. Where does this 'attacking' come from?" He was speechless for a while and then he changed the subject.

Later, they had to go somewhere else to get a permission slip signed to keep me detained. They were going to put me back into the handcuffs but they were unable to detach the handcuffs from the iron rings, so they let me sit on a sofa until 6 pm. They sent me to the City Detention Center. They cursed all along the way. Their vehicle died many, many times on the way to get the permission slip signed and there were traffic jams everywhere.

I knew in my heart that these were their retributions. Jail is not the rightful place for me. We should treasure the time that Master gives us and use it to reveal the evil behind the persecution. But I still have omissions. Sometimes I make rash, impulsive decisions. These are all human things, which should be gotten rid of in cultivation during Fa-Rectification. I also enlightened to how important it is to send forth righteous thoughts during tribulations.