(Clearwisdom.net) As I read about more and more disasters taking place in China, I often end up with tears in my eyes. In the ancient land where I was born and raised, vicious lies are rampant. Jiang Zemin's regime has committed enormous sins against the Great Law of the Universe. Its plan is to destroy the Chinese people.

Those who are ignorant of the facts may ask, if it is Jiang Zemin who framed Falun Gong and if it is officials and police who unlawfully persecute Dafa practitioners, why do natural disasters keep landing on everyday people? How does the persecution of Falun Gong have anything to do with everyday people? Let me answer this question.

Falun Gong is a mind-body cultivation practice that teaches people to comply with "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance." It consists of five sets of smooth and graceful exercises, including a sitting meditation. It emphasizes honesty, truthfulness, respect of traditional values, and encourages people to obtain mental and physical well being by incorporating "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance" into their daily lives. As such, millions of compassionate people have been drawn to Falun Gong. It has brought tremendous benefits to people's minds and bodies. Falun Gong practitioners worldwide are kindhearted people who do not fight back when beaten and will not talk back when sworn at. This is totally different from what is in the propaganda sent out by Jiang Zemin's regime in China. Actually, talking from a deeper connotation, Falun Dafa is a magnificent, heavenly Fa that is difficult to encounter in millions of years. In the human world, Dafa teaches people to be Compassionate. It gives people a healthy mind and body and shows people the true path to return to their original, true selves. In this universe, Dafa created living environments for all levels of beings; in other words, every being is created by Dafa. Whenever one opposes Dafa, one is opposing one's own origin and destroying one's own life.

Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan's regime is framing Falun Gong out of selfishness. It unscrupulously uses media outlets to lie to the people and forces people to participate in the persecution. Its underlying purpose is to use the people to commit sins against Dafa and ultimately, to lead people to destruction. Persecuting cultivators, or persecuting the mighty virtuous Dafa, which saves sentient beings, is the greatest sin of all.

Maybe some would say, those who suffer natural disasters did not participate in the persecution.

First of all, historically there exists a saying "When one member has committed bad deeds, the whole family suffers." When one commits bad deeds, one has actually planted the seed of misfortune for oneself and one's family, as well as future generations. If it's not immediate retribution in this lifetime, then it will be retribution in a future life. Many such cases happen right around us, common for all to see. When an official in one area commits bad deeds, he will bring disasters on the people in that area. When one race commits sins outrageous to heaven, that race will either suffer deadly disasters or have to repay the debt generation after generation. If the person in power commits sin, he will bring disaster on the whole country. It's the people who suffer. Such examples are all around us.

Second, please sincerely ask yourself if you have kept a clear head during the current overwhelming persecution of Falun Gong. When lies abound everywhere, can you uphold justice and make objective decisions. When tens of thousands of Falun Dafa practitioners are being cruelly persecuted by vicious beings, is your heart compassionate and sympathetic enough to seek justice for them? In the past two years, how many people have continuously turned a blind eye and indirectly encouraged vicious beings to persecute Dafa? How many people, out of personal gain, have indirectly helped to persecute Dafa practitioners?

The heavenly principle that "good is rewarded with good and evil is met with evil" is absolutely just. Falun Dafa practitioners have endured tremendous hardships. Yet, they are still compassionately clarifying the truth to people. Heaven is unleashing natural and other disasters to warn people because it is being benevolent to people. Because it would allow people to realize in time the principle that "good is rewarded with good and evil is met with evil." It is to save more predestined people, so that they won't commit worse sins and bring more severe retribution upon themselves.

My beloved land and my beloved people, please wake up.

Total news of natural and other disasters (including manmade) in China in the month of November is as follows:

  1. Singtao Daily reported on November 1st, the "Southwestern First Detonation" in Xuanwu City, Yunnan Province lost control and caused 30 deaths and injuries.
  2. Chinese News reported that Yunnan Province had a burst of 32 rarely seen vertigo cases.
  3. Akesaye Town Coal Mine in Luntai County, Xingjiang Autonomous Region had an accidental gas explosion on the 30th of last month that caused 6 deaths and 4 severe injuries.
  4. Radio Free Asia reported on November 2nd that the Wei River is seriously polluted.
  5. According to news from Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, on October 28th, a roof collapsed in a coal mine in An County, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province. Six miners lost their lives in the tragedy.
  6. Top News reported from Shengyang City that in Liaoning Province a big auto accident occurred on October 30th causing 3 deaths and 15 injuries. The news was blocked for nearly a week.
  7. Renmin Net reported that on October 30th chain-explosions went on for five hours in the sewage system of Chuzhou City, Anhui Province.
  8. Mingpao Newspaper reported that auto accidents kill an average of 258 people per day.
  9. Radio Free Asia reported that a Tonghui freighter from Shangdong Province exploded and sank on October 29th, causing 27 deaths.
  10. Chinese News reported from Changsha: A small tin mine suddenly collapsed a few days ago in Aoshang Town, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province. Six workers who were working inside the mine were buried alive, and another injured.
  11. Central News Agency reported from Taipei on November 3rd that eleven tons of extremely poisonous sodium cyanide leaked/leached/spilled into the Luo River in Henan and the safety of millions of residents along the Luo River is seriously compromised.
  12. EpochTimes reported on November 5th that the Yifeng Gas Storage Station exploded in Daxiandi Village, Quantang District, Liaobu Town, Dongwan City, Guangdong Province, causing a huge fire. According to witnesses living near the Storage Station, there was 1 death and 4 injuries.
  13. Boxun reported on November 7th that many group cases of food poisoning incidents happened on that day in Heyuan City, Guangdong Province. At least 333 people had been sent for emergency treatment.
  14. New China Website reported on November 7th that Yibin City Southgate Grand Bridge in Sichuan Province collapsed at both ends, causing at least 2 deaths and 2 injuries.
  15. Beijing Youth reported on November 10th: An explosion happened in a Beijing restaurant that totally trashed three single-story buildings.
  16. Central News Agency reported on November 10th from Taipei: A severe traffic accident on the Jiangxia section of the mainland's No. 107 National Highway in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, caused 4 deaths and 29 injuries.
  17. Qianlong News Net reported on November 11th , Chengdu City in Sichuan Province had a rare heavy fog. Flights were delayed and car accidents happened incessantly.
  18. World News reported on November 11th that 200 businessmen suffered from food poisoning in National Medicare Exposition in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province.
  19. Chinese News reported from Chongqing on November 12th: A villager held a birthday party in Dianjiang County, Chongqing City. 36 guests experienced food poisoning, two teenagers died on the spot.
  20. Central News Agency reported on November 13th from Taipei: Severe drought hit Hebei Province this year and is still continuing. The drought area covers 13 million mu (one mu is about 1/6 acre or 675 sq m). 580 thousand people are facing the seasonal drinking-water shortage.
  21. Boxun reported on November 13th: Over 600 thousand Chinese have AIDs. Actually, the figure could be 6 million.
  22. Radio Free Asia reported on November 13th: According to a calculation from the China Hydraulic Institutions, the underground water in Shandong Province has been overexploited, causing seawater to penetrate into the water-bearing strata, over a thousand square kilometers of land.
  23. Boxun reported on November 14th: Kunlun Mountain had an earthquake of intensity 8.1 on the Richter scale on November 12th. The earthquake and aftershocks caused some houses to collapse in Qinghai Province. Many sections of the Qinghai-Tibet railroad under construction have been broken.
  24. According to Yangzi Nightly News report on November 14th, ocean waves off Jiangsu Province dragged 3 tractors into the sea. 10 people died and 3 survived.
  25. Xinhua News Agency reported on November 14th: At 10AM, an explosion erupted in the Eye Department service desk of No. 3 People's Hospital located in Yuzhong District of Chongqing City, causing 4 deaths and over 20 injuries.
  26. New China Website reported on November 14th: A severe building fire happened in the evening of the13th in Huli District of Xiamen City, Guangdong Province. 4 people were asphyxiated in the fire and died after on-site emergency treatment failed.
  27. On November 15th, a benzene-leaking accident happened in Hongpeng Chemical Factory in Quyi County, Zhejiang Province, causing over 700 people to be exposed to the toxic effects. The majority of the victims are students from a nearby middle school.
  28. Yangzi Nightly News reported on November 15th: In the morning, a cafeteria suddenly caught fire in the residential area of Nanjing University.
  29. People's Daily reported on November 18th: Almost 30 stores were burned down along the road after a restaurant caught fire on Dong Street, Yongfeng Town, Guangfeng County, Jiangxi Province.
  30. Radio Free Asia reported on November 19th: Four coalmine explosions happened in Shangxi Province within a 6-day period, causing 58 deaths.
  31. World News reported on November 19th from Beijing: a group case of food poisoning happened in Tuqiang Elementary School in Haidian District, Beijing.
  32. The EpochTimes reported on November 21st: In the morning of November 9th, 30 middle school students suffered mercury poisoning in Lujiawan Town Middle School, Tianzhen County, Datong City, Shanxi Province.
  33. The EpochTimes reported on November 21st: the spokesperson from China National Coal Mine Safety Inspection Bureau announced in a press conference today that from January to October of this year, there have been 2378 coal mine accidents in China, causing 4547 deaths. Recently, provinces including Guizhou, Hunan, Shangdong and Shanxi have had frequent accidents in small coal mining operations. Especially in Shanxi Province, a province with much coal production. Four major accidents with many casualties happened one after another within the five days from November 14 to 18, causing 58 deaths and 12 injuries. The most severe incident was a major gas explosion that happened on November 15th in Podi Coal Mine in Tianning Town, Jiaocheng County, Shanxi Province. So far, the casualties include 33 deaths and 12 injuries.
  34. ChineseNewsNet reported on November 23rd that on Thursday afternoon, a gas explosion happened in a coal mine in Luliang area, Shanxi Province, causing at least 16 deaths. That is the 5th gas explosion accident happening within 9 days in Shanxi Province.
  35. The BBC reported on November 23rd: Shanxi Province had 5 gas explosions within 9 days. Over 5300 people have died in coal mine accidents in China in the past year.
  36. Mingpao reported on November 25th: At about 10AM in the morning of November 23rd, an explosion happened in a chemical factory in Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province. The explosion originated in a container during a new-product experiment. The four people at the site of the experiment included the general manager of the factory and engineers. One engineer was killed on the spot and the other three died after being sent to hospital.
  37. Radio Free Asia reported on November 25th: A serious incident happened in Wenling, Zhejiang Province. One person was saved and three died. Thirteen other crewmembers are missing.
  38. The EpochTimes reported on November 27th: A serious accident in which one ship sank happened in Qilu Lake, Tonghai County, Yunnan Province. Thirteen people drowned, 7 of whom have been confirmed dead; two are missing.
  39. Boxun reported on November 28th: An ancient block of buildings from the Ming Dynasty, the largest of its kind in Northwest Mainland China, caught fire in the morning of November 25th . Although there was no information on casualties, the center hall of the Five-Dragon Palace in Baiyunshan Temple was burned to ashes.
  40. Boxun reported on November 29th: Weather phenomena including thunder, lightening and heavy snow hit Weihai City, Shandong Province.