I am a college student in China. As far as I could tell, among the nearly 10,000 students in my school, almost no one knew the real story of the Jiang Zemin regime's persecution of Falun Gong, nor were they clear about exactly what was written in Zhuan Falun. All that these poor people believed was limited to fabricated stories and propaganda from Jiang Zemin's regime. They were shocked upon learning the truth.

Later, when I talked with someone about this, I suddenly felt tears running down my face. I understood that the reason that I enrolled in this mediocre college with test scores 50 points above the admission criteria was to help these innocent people obtain the Fa. I remember a fellow practitioner once saying that each and every Dafa disciple has an indispensable role. Teacher put the future of so many people mainly in my hands, and I realized the important responsibility of a Dafa practitioner.

On the campus, I am the deputy Chair of the student union, Chair of a student organization and the president of my class. Many people in the school thus know of me and admire me. As a practitioner, I do not pay much attention to this; however, I do value it since I realize that the real reason why so many people know and admire me is that they are eager to be saved. Nothing in the human world is accidental. They are not clear about this--but I am--and I cannot get tired or give up because of their indifference, annoyance, or even slandering. I need to use every proper opportunity to clarify the truth to them. Even if it's talking person to person or handing out flyers, I always have this thought deep from my heart: "This is the opportunity to be saved; do not miss it!"

Every night after the lights in the dorm are turned off for sleeping, I keep doing the sitting meditation whenever possible, regardless of whether my roommates really understand and show support or not. I know that as long as I insist on doing the exercises, I am validating the mightiness of Dafa in some way and demonstrating the determined belief of Dafa practitioners in Teacher.

In the beginning, while sending forth righteous thoughts, I sometimes would become slack and go to sleep. Then one day I heard a voice near my ear say, "Going home!" I was awakened, and realized that Teacher was reminding me not to be sluggish.

Once I saw some materials on the bulletin board defaming Dafa and Teacher. I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts and peeled off the two words "Expose and Refute" in the title. Within a few days, the materials on the bulletin boards were changed to something else. Later, with my Celestial Eye, I saw an ugly face, which kept dodging and trying to hide itself when a strong light was shined on it. I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts. When I looked at it again, it had turned into dirt. From this, I realized that evil was frightened of the light. They were fragile, fond of darkness, and disliked being exposed to light.

Most people in school have access to the Internet, but Dafa web sites are blocked. So, I built a personal web page at Yahoo. Then, I wrote down the web address on finger-size slips of paper and pasted them with clear tape at a variety of easily seen places on campus, such as telephone booths, bulletin boards, stairs and doors inside the buildings, bikes and so on. It is safe to do it, and an effective way to let people know the truth thoroughly. As one fellow practitioner said, "the Great Way has no designed forms" actually implies there are thousands of forms. I think, during the Fa-rectification, we should achieve "using at will." As long as it can have good results, we do not have to rigidly adhere to certain forms.

Moreover, I found that most college students will listen to statistics. They will readily accept it when you tell them the numbers, name lists and truth. However, they may react negatively when seeing flyers bearing only Fa-rectifying verses. I think this may be some characteristics of intellectuals, and I hope that fellow practitioners can pay attention to this when clarifying the truth.

Above are my personal understandings, just as a reference.