I. Maintaining Steadfast Righteous Thoughts, Walking Out of the Police Station in a Dignified Manner

I am a 50-year- old Dafa practitioner from Southwest China, and have been distributing Dafa materials since I started practicing in 1996. At noon on August 3, 2001, five policemen broke into my home and started ransacking my place without any legal procedures. I had just returned home from delivering materials in other parts of the country. Without any legal documentation, they took away two large boxes of CDs, Dafa books, cassettes and videotapes of Teacher's Fa lectures, and forcibly took me to the local police station and handcuffed me to the railing. An hour later they started to interrogate me, trying to find out where I obtained the Dafa materials. I had only one thought in my mind at that time, "One righteous mind can subdue one hundred evils."(Zhuan Falun, Lecture Five) What I'm doing is the most righteous thing and I will rectify all that is not righteous! So, apart from silently reciting Teacher's Fa-rectification verse in my heart, I refused to say anything and firmly resisted their persecution. My heart was as calm as still water.

It was extremely warm in the August summer heat. The six policemen who were interrogating me were streaming with sweat even with air-conditioning in the room, and they kept drinking water. They insulted Teacher, Dafa and me. However, under the mighty power of Teacher's Fa-rectification formula, one by one they had to go out for a rest, complaining of headaches. Yet I felt neither thirsty nor hot, but very relaxed. The interrogation went on for over an hour, but they didn't get anything out of me. So they locked me in an iron cage and said they would hand me over to the provincial "610 Office." [An agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] I was cuffed in a spread-eagle manner, with my toes barely touching the floor. When they were putting on the cuffs, I sent forth a thought, "Don't do it too tight." Indeed, I did not feel any tightness, and my hands could bend a little. It felt like I was doing "holding the wheel on top of the head" (a movement in the 2nd set of Falun Gong exercise). From 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., my whole body felt light. I knew it was all because of Teacher's compassion, and our great Teacher was sustaining me with strength. I kept righteous thoughts in my heart. Teacher does not recognize the arrangements of the evil forces. I'm Teacher's disciple, and I do not recognize them either. This is not the place for Dafa disciples. I must walk out of here.

During that period of time, I sent forth righteous thoughts, in the hope that I could loosen the cuffs and get out, but without any success. So I kept sending righteous thoughts, waiting for an opportunity. At 7:00 p.m., a policeman came in to ask me if I would like to have something to eat. As I wanted to find an opportunity to get out, I said I would. The police officer took off the handcuffs to allow me to have dinner. While I was eating, I clarified the truth to him. Just then, the phone rang, and he walked out to answer it. I knew that Teacher had arranged this for me to get out. So immediately I sent forth righteous thoughts to freeze the police, and with dignity, walked through three doors and out of the police station, silently reciting Teacher's Fa-rectification verse at the same time. I took a few more steps and saw a taxi driving towards me. I got in the taxi and rode away. This was how I walked out of the police station within seven hours after I was arrested. That night, I dreamed of lotus flowers in other dimensions, They were rotating in turns and were extremely beautiful. I knew it was Teacher encouraging me.

II. Dafa Shows Its Extraordinary Power; Family Members Suppress Evil with Justice

After I was arrested, my husband, who was working in another part of the country, got the news on the same day. Immediately he notified our children to fly back to join him, and the three of them went to the police department and my work place to demand my release. With justice on his side, my husband sternly condemned the action of the police, "There are so many people guilty of corruption, and yet you don't arrest them; instead you turn around to arrest old men and women for doing exercises. Where have you taken my wife? Bring her back!" My work place had already put out an announcement to discharge me from my job. However, because of the firm resistance from my husband and children, they could do nothing but resume my employment. In our city, I was the first one who walked out in a dignified manner, and I was also the first one whose employment was reinstated through the firm opposition by family members. It is the manifestation of the mighty power of the Fa. This incident has caused a sensation in our area, and has greatly encouraged our fellow practitioners and the public. At the same time it has effectively suppressed the evil.