(Clearwisdom.net) Jiang's ruffian gang of scoundrels cheated international human rights organizations in order to gain support from the world at the international human rights conference. Jiang's gang initiated a campaign to collect ten thousand signatures of support against Falun Gong. This campaign was used to force people to agree with Jiang's propaganda. All colleges, universities, middle schools, elementary schools, governmental offices and groups, enterprises, corporations and community office representatives received this so called "political assignment."

During those overwhelmingly horrific days, the principal of a college in China, who is not a Dafa practitioner, rightfully decided to boycott the signature campaign against Falun Gong. During a meeting with the school's supervisory team, faculty, staff, and student representatives, the principal raised three questions:

  1. Have any of you read Zhuan Falun before?
    Everyone replied that they hadn't read it yet.
  2. Who understands what Falun Gong is all about?
    No one answered this question.
  3. Who understands everything that happened during the collective appeal for Falun Gong on April 25, 1999 (The 4.25 Event)?
    Some replied that they had watched a little bit of the event on TV.

No one made any remarks about anything else after that. The principal continued to say: "Because we haven't read the books of Falun Gong before and we don't understand everything that happened during the 4.25 collective appeal, how could we declare where we stand? I think we need to follow the principles that the past president, Mao Zedong, has taught us, that is, "with no investigation and research conducted, there is no right to speak or make comments." What reason do we have to declare that we either agree with or oppose Falun Gong? Everyone also knows that Vice President Liu Shaoqi, one of the founding leaders of the country, was also redressed, though at that time he was labeled as a betrayer, an undiscovered traitor, and a thief to the workers. Wasn't the Central TV Station also broadcasting criticism about him constantly? Also, Deng Xiaoping was not only overthrown, but he was also not to be appointed ever again. At that time, the Central TV Station was also continually broadcasting criticism about Deng. Later Deng was also redressed and became the second generation's leader. The duty of our school is to do a good job in educating the students, and the duty of our students is to do a good job in studying, so we will not pay attention to anything else ...."

Because of the principal's righteous heart and sober mindedness, the entire faculty and staff, and all of the students at the school were thus not deceived by the crooked lies against Falun Gong and were not unknowingly doing things that helped the criminals. Therefore, the principal helped both the teachers and the students to have good futures.