(Clearwisdom.net) All kind people in the world, the reason I can still write to you today as a Dafa practitioner, is because I insisted on practicing Falun Dafa after I was sent home from detention. Thus, my mind quickly recovered from the muddle-headedness caused by the torture in prison. Dafa again saved my life, and I now even more firmly believe in Dafa.

Under the evil's insane persecution I was illegally imprisoned. I was forcibly shackled for two months with cuffs and shackles used to treat prisoners on death row. I was not allowed to bathe for two months during extremely hot weather that reached 40 0C [~ 105 0F]. Except for when I was sleeping, I was virulently cursed and beaten by the guards for over 10 hours everyday under the direction of the warden. They punched me in the temples, which caused my vision to be blurred. The warden even had seven or eight guards push me down and force-feed me with salt water. I nearly choked to death. They brutally beat me with clubs until my flesh became raw, and pulled out handfuls of my hair. They threatened me numerous times saying, "We'll beat you to death, you practitioner of Falun Gong. A higher authority has already assigned it." This is the truth about how Jiang Zemin's group uses violence to brainwash Falun Gong practitioners. Their goal is to force practitioners to give up cultivation, and to destroy practitioners' minds.

Yet how could these vicious people ever imagine that our merciful and great Master would let the evil destroy a genuine practitioner's mind? Dafa again showed its power. Only a few days after I was released, I was back to normal.

Here, I sternly warn these vicious people who are still persecuting Dafa and practitioners: Give up your slaughtering knife. In the midst of the sea of bitterness, turn around and find the shore [Note: A Chinese saying]. Here I appeal to all kind-hearted people in the world: Join the Dafa practitioners to oppose this evil. I firmly believe that a completely new and beautiful world belongs to all kind-hearted people.