(Clearwisdom.net) Presently, many practitioners are discussing the issue of how we can "Thoroughly Clarify the Truth"" as required by Teacher. It is not sufficient just to inform the public of the viciousness and terror of Jiang Zemin's regime and the number of practitioners who have been tortured to death during the persecution by Jiang and his associates. As Dafa practitioners, we should also let people know of our Teacher's greatness, the magnificence of this universal Fa and the significance of clarifying the truth and thereby saving worldly people.

Due to the poison of the evil forces in Mainland China, it is indeed quite difficult to clarify the truth to an everyday person there. However, I was inspired by a recent incident, which I would like to share. A fellow practitioner left a copy of some practitioners' experiences at his relative's house. This relative picked up the copy and read through it from cover to cover, becoming so interested that he skipped a meal. Although the relative was previously not interested in Dafa, this time his attitude changed and he thus positioned himself. Dafa moved him from the bottom of his heart. The incident helped motivate me to write this article.

In fact, the experiences shared by Fa-rectification disciples are not only manifestations of disciples' assisting Teacher in Fa-rectification, but also something that everyday people are curious about and cannot understand. When a person who still has kind thoughts understands the Fa from the depths of his heart, he will not be deceived by any evil.

Dafa is righteous and noble. However, some issues are beyond the public's perception. Hence, when we endeavor to "clarify the truth thoroughly," we must be selective with the materials we present to them. I remember once I gave a neighbor some reading material about practitioners' cultivation experiences and the facts about Dafa. When he read how Dafa practitioners still maintained compassion towards their torturers, he immediately showed great respect for the practitioners and his strong indignation over their persecution. He was quite moved when he learned that Dafa practitioners gave up all they had and made every effort to provide salvation to people by clarifying the truth to them. To my surprise, he even started telling others about what had happened, about the principle of reward and retribution, and why one must maintain kind thoughts toward Dafa. By so doing, this neighbor helped to change the minds of quite a few people. Putting it in the terms of cultivation practice, what he did was indeed very virtuous.

Please feel free to correct any of my mistakes.