In February 2000, several practitioners and I went to Beijing to appeal to the government to stop persecuting Falun Gong. We were arrested by the police waiting in front of the Appeals Office and sent to the liaison office. Just as we were led into the office, the police in there fiercely yelled at us "Out! Out! Out! Take all money out!" Some practitioners put their money in their clothes. The police ordered them to strip off their clothing. A young girl was reluctant to do so and a little bit slow to get the money to them. The police bullied her. She said, "This is my money." Hearing this, the police madly ganged up in front of her and slapped her face. Suspecting the practitioners were still hiding their money, finally the police body-searched everyone. When a police searched an elderly female practitioner, his hands touched hers and accidentally got a shock. He ordered the practitioner to give money to him. The elderly practitioner had to give him all she had, 200 Yuan (Chinese dollars, the monthly salary for an average worker in Chinese cities is about 500 Yuan). In the detention center, we heard that she lost her husband and had two children. One was in school, and the other had lost his job. All the income the family had was her monthly salary of 400 Yuan. Their clothes were given to her by others, her socks were worn out.

One peasant borrowed 4,000 Yuan to go to Beijing to appeal to the government to stop persecuting Falun Gong. The money was all taken away by the police. The police even lied to him, saying, "We need your money to book a train ticket with a sleeping berth for you." In fact, the first class berth only costs 200 to 500 Yuan. In the evening we were put on a train. We saw a young girl (a Falun Gong practitioner) being kicked and beaten by police. She was forced into a lavatory where they took, and kept, all her money. We were only given two sleeping berths for the elderly practitioners while the remaining 40 or so practitioners were forced to stand in a small space close to the train operating room for a whole night. Once back in Changchun, we were sent to the police bureau. The same as the police in Beijing, just soon as we walked into the room, the police yelled at us, "Out! Out! Take all your money out!" We told him that all our money was taken away in the liaison office in Beijing. He became extremely angry and told the other police, "Those guys from the Six Branch of Public Security Bureau robbed all their money." After we were released, our local district police harassed us every day until they extorted 500 Yuan from each of us.

In November 2000, we went to Beijing to validate the Fa and went through the same experience again. More than 30 or so practitioners were handcuffed together and crowded in a small place. We were denied the use of the lavatory even on the next day when we were sent to City Pubic Security Bureau.

For the practitioners who are imprisoned in all the labor camps in Changchun, some of their families are torn apart, some of them have large amounts of money extorted from them, some of them have elderly persons and young children at home with nobody to take care of them. Some families spent tens of thousand Yuan trying to get their loved ones out of the labor camps and some families still failed to get them out. To get a seal or certificate for release from the Public Security Bureau costs one to several thousand Yuan to arrange it. In China, the average annual income for a worker is 6,000 Yuan.

In some labor camps, criminals cooperate with disciplinary guards to extort practitioner's money. They split the money and use it to buy alcohol and cigars for themselves. Millions of Falun Gong practitioners are innocent. Those police who are persecuting practitioners are indeed the corrupt ones, criminals and robbers.

The course of nature is clear and manifest, good is rewarded with good and evil meets evil.

October 29, 2001