October 31, 2001

(Clearwisdom.net) During the period when Falun Dafa is being most severely framed and persecuted in China, a lot of Dafa practitioners have stepped out to tell the truth of Dafa to the people of the country. As Dafa practitioners, this is precisely our historical mission. I am writing what I experienced in prisons and labor camps in Beijing so as to expose the evil and crimes there to the public.

When I was imprisoned in Fenghuangzui Detention Center, Xuanwu District, Beijing, I was severely beaten because I went on a hunger strike to resist the persecution. Policeman Liu Yuyi, tried to force feed me through a nasal tube. As he was committing the crime, he said, "If you keep up the hunger strike, we'll feed you this way twice a day." Then he pushed the tube in and pulled it out repeatedly, which added to my suffering. At last, with righteous thoughts in mind, I seized the tube and threw it away, and the liquid in the tube splashed all over my captors' clothes. Chief Policeman Li Guangming ferociously shouted, "I must break you today even if I get dismissed for it." Led by the Li, the staff started beating me. One robust policeman kicked my knees until they turned purple. The swelling lasted for a very long time.

Without any legal grounds or legal process, I was sentenced to one year in the labor camp. Then I was sent to Tuanhe Prisoner Dispatch Quarter in Daxing County, Beijing, where I was subjected to inhuman treatment. Every day, we were allowed only two minutes for washing and two minutes for using the lavatory. It was impossible to wash clothing or relieve ones bowels under such conditions. All the prisoners smelled awful. It was said that the place was established in June 2000, especially to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. The evil policemen there look like demons from hell. It is their usual practice to arbitrarily shock the detainees with electric stun batons. Their lightest punishment is to force you to hold the "flying in the sky" (a squatting posture with the two arms crossed behind the head and the head lowered toward the ground). The most ferocious one among all the evil police is a woman surnamed Fu. She threatened, "You must be obedient because this is where we train you to be obedient." That place is a completely dark world where innocent people are treated like animals.

The persecution was further escalated after I was sent to the Xin'an Labor Camp. We were not allowed to sleep if we didn't give up our belief in Dafa. A practitioner named He Wen was forced to serve a prolonged sentence of 6 months because of her determination. Under the instigation of the police, a drug addict named He Yuhua didn't allow He Wen to sleep or go to the lavatory. She suffered terribly in the labor camp. One time her eyes were beaten black. The head of the labor camp did nothing after he came to take a look.

There I met Zhao Ming, the former student of Trinity College in Ireland. He was transferred from the Tuanhe Labor Camp to Xin'an Labor Camp because the evil wanted to force him to forsake his belief in Dafa. He suffered a lot at the Xin'an Labor Camp. When I saw him this March, he was transporting garbage. I heard that his sentence had been prolonged for ten months because of his determination in Dafa. "Zhao Ming is great," the people who once tried to brainwash him said, "although we tried to brainwash him in turn, he always replied, 'I'll never waver in my belief no matter what trick you use.'" I once had a meal together with him. At that time the evil people said that one should stop cultivation under some circumstances. As a righteous cultivator, Zhao Ming immediately refuted, "If that is true, the national hero, Yue Fei (a military commander in the South Song Dynasty), should have cooperated with the traitor Qin Hui since he knew it was impossible to safeguard the Song Dynasty. It is because of his righteousness that he drew the line with Qin Hui. For the same reason, why do you stand together with the evil while knowing all the while that Dafa is so good?" Upon hearing this, the evil people became quiet. A fellow practitioner said that Zhao Ming and other practitioners detained at the so-called Tuanhe Training Team were shocked with electric stun batons every day before New Years 2001. After that, there was a little improvement in their treatment. Though he looked weak on the surface, Zhao Ming had a good spirit. The last time I saw him in the Tuanhe Labor Camp was this July. His present situation is unknown.

It is not only forbidden to mention "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance" in the labor camp, but everything must be done to the opposite of the principles. The vice leader of the second squad, Han Xiuying, even forced the prisoners to lie to visitors from the outside: "If any one of the superiors comes to inspect, you must say you work six hours every day and that Falun Gong practitioners work half a day and study [government propaganda] half a day." They hid anything improper before the arrival of the inspection teams. In fact, the prisoners had to work eight hours normally and up to eleven hours a day from June through August. The load for the seventh squad was the heaviest. They worked from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. every day. Liu Yajun, the head of a sub-squad, was the most venomous jailer. She was always swearing at others. Once she forced a practitioner named Pi Hongli to stand from morning to noon because Pi Hongli went to report the situation in the sub-squad to the general head.

The whole labor camp is actually a tool of the persecution. Once we lost a crochet hook with which the female practitioners were forced to crochet sweaters. The general head, Chen Cuier, punished us by making us run between the second floor of the building and the parade ground seven times, and each lap had to be finished in under two minutes. The punishment ended with the fainting of a 68-year-old woman named Zhang Guiying. Privately, all the prisoners there described the inhuman policewoman as a beast.

In addition, police also pressured Dafa practitioners to give up cultivation by means of so-called high intensity military drills. I once heard horrible groans from inside the parade ground when I was sweeping the grounds nearby. The voice was in extreme agony.

All practitioners should intensify their efforts to expose the evil and assist Teacher in rectifying the Fa. We must peel away the masks of Jiang Zemin, Luo Gan, and their group to let people know the truth of their wicked deeds against Falun Gong practitioners so that more people will acquire the Fa or get a good position for their eternal lives.