Ever since we were young children our aunt treated us nicely--even better than her own children. After July 22, 1999 (the Chinese Government banned Falun Gong on July 20) I often talked about the goodness of Dafa to my aunt. However, she couldn't bear to listen; sometimes, she even cursed at me. She said: "I will give you whatever you want if you will stop practicing." My answer was, "No, I want to practice."

Later, aunt died from a sudden cerebral hemorrhage. When I think about it now, her death is still heart-breaking. For 2 days our relatives did not know she had died. When they realized there was a problem, they entered her house through a window and found her body curled in front of the tea table. Her lower chin rested on the table, and her chest and legs were stuck together. Her body was cold, stiff, and bruised. The sight was so pitiful.

One morning a few days later, in a dream I saw my aunt at my bedside. Her expression was extremely pained, as if she had done something wrong and she looked as if she was very regretful. She said to me: "Now I know Falun Dafa is good and the self-immolations were faked. However, why didn't you explain clearly to your Aunt"! I became very emotional and full of grief. I answered her with all my strength, "Didn't I explain to you clearly? I said so much but you basically did not listen to me."

My aunt's deep regret is her greatest sorrow. Aunt is very regretful. I also feel very sorry for her.

"Mankind! Wake up! The vows of gods throughout the ages are being fulfilled. Dafa is evaluating all lives. The path of life is under one's own feet. A person's own single thought will also determine his future." (Essentials for Further Advancement -- "Further Comments on Superstition")

November 2, 2001