(Clearwisdom.net) My wife and I are both high school graduates from the early 80s. Our child has just entered junior high school this year. There is a bit gap in our knowledge of modern science and technology, but we have not been baffled by it. We did not comply with this arrangement of the old forces, either. We are Dafa practitioners, and we firmly believe that our wisdom is beyond the level of ordinary people's.

While we keep studying the Fa, fully revealing the truth and saving people, we concentrate our wisdom on solving the technical problems of getting onto Minghui Net [Clearwisdom.net in Chinese]. Through an accumulation of experience with the Internet, we finally broke through the blockade of the evil forces. Now we can freely access Minghui Net.

Our next success was sending articles to Minghui Net. On this issue, our child played a central role. Our child is very quick with computers and the Internet. In addition, he is a Dafa practitioner. After he broke through one after another of the technical difficulties, we were finally able to send articles to Minghui Net.

On the second day, after we confirmed that Minghui Net had received the articles, the old forces began their interference. While editing the articles, we encountered two problems. We had some doubts that our articles might not be up to the standard of Dafa. After thinking about it, we thought that if the articles were not up to the standard of Dafa, then the Minghui Net editors would not publish them, instead of realizing we were experiencing interference. After this realization, our whole family sent forth righteous thoughts together, eliminating all interfering elements.

On the 3rd day, interference on a larger scale began. The whole residential area sustained a power outage until late into the night. We had never experienced a power outage during over two years of residence here. We did not treat all this as coincidence. Instead, it made us realize how crazy the evil force is.

I have come to understand that our Dafa practitioners, as fundamental particles, may form a larger layer of particles in family units. This larger layer -- of couples, families, brothers and sisters -- may be used to play a better role in the cultivation process of revealing Truth and saving people.

Now our child is responsible for solving the technical difficulties with the Internet after finishing his schoolwork. My wife is responsible for connecting to Minghui Net and other related Web sites, some simple technical handling, editing articles, and at the same time collecting brief information from practitioners validating Dafa. My duties include going out to post Truth flyers, Dafa posters, and sometimes communicating with other practitioners. When we go out for a walk as a couple, we bring some flyers to post along the way; when the three of us go out as a family, we also bring some flyers and look for opportunities to post them. Our family members have both duty and cooperation, leaving no room for the evil to attack us.

In October, in our city, the evil force started an even more insane round of persecution, as it did in other regions of the country. A vicious police used surveillance and tracking to arrest Dafa practitioners. Some practitioners did not have enough awareness of how insane the evil force was, and so they were arrested and implicated. We all felt so unfortunate and hurt. There was also surveillance around our home. But we discovered their plot in time, and we are still safe at present. We know that all of these are the arrangements of Master, and that we have only done what we should be doing.

The above is our personal understanding. Other practitioners are asked to please kindly correct us if there is anything inappropriate. We hope more Dafa practitioners in China can actively break the Internet blockade and connect to Minghui Net. Together with overseas practitioners, we can break through the evil blockade on the truth.