(Clearwisdom.net) When Dafa practitioner Zhang Fengyun (female) was illegally put into Team 14 of Xiguoyuan Detention Center, nine other practitioners had already been detained there. Arrested along with Zhang Fengyun were two other practitioners. Zhang was sent to Cell 9. Another practitioner was sent to Cell 2 and the third to Team 15.

Ms. Zhang was determined to not yield to the evil starting on the first day (day one) in the detention center. The police who interrogated her failed to force anything out of her. She once told a fellow practitioner that she was determined to safeguard the Fa with her life.

When the practitioners told her about the hunger strikes that had happened inside the detention center, she said, "Why did you not complete the strike every time?" She told her fellow practitioners, "Remember Master's poem 'Climb Tai Mountain' that 'One can hardly obtain salvation if stopping in mid-air,' [unofficial translation] I feel you are in a situation like this, which is not right!" Under her inspiration, all the female practitioners from Team 14 in the detention center started the seventh group hunger strikes in May. They refused to yield to the evil and demanded an unconditional release. This time, the practitioners on hunger strike received more severe punishment. Young practitioners were beaten during force-feeding by inmates. Many practitioners suffered from tubes being inserted into their stomachs. Ms. Zhang was punished by the most severe torture.

Since Zhang Fengyun was full of righteousness, the evil behind the supervisor and wicked prisoners were scared. They hated Ms. Zhang a lot and used force-feeding as an excuse to torture her. Several female inmate cell-heads such as Wang Xianglian, Dang Maiqin, and Xu Ping wrapped Zhang Fengyun with a quilt and beat her very hard. Zhang Fengyun's face was covered with black and blue bruises afterwards. After the beating, they inserted a tube into her stomach to force-feed her. These inmates were so cruel that they intentionally stirred the tube hard in Zhang's stomach. After the torture, Zhang Fengyun's physical condition became very frail. Her stomach was probably damaged so she could not eat anything.

By the evening of Day 14, Zhang Fenyun lost control of her bladder and bowel movements and was in critical condition. The inmates reported her condition to the supervisor. But the supervisor said that Zhang Fengyun was faking it. That night, a fierce thunderstorm struck. When Day 15 came, encouraged by Supervisor Zhang Linlin, criminal inmate cell-head Wang Xianglian dropped Zhang Fengyun in a trash site filled with filthy water. When other Dafa practitioners found out about this, they carried Zhang Fengyun back and warned Wang Xianglian that if no action was taken to save her life, they would have to carry Zhang Fengyun and force their way into the warden's office. Only then did the supervisor call in a doctor. But Zheng Fengyun was so weak that her pulse was undetectable. She was sent to Dashaping Labor Camp Clinic where she passed away in the middle of the night.

The above is the truth of Zhang Fengyun's death.

October 10, 2001

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