(Clearwisdom.net) Every one of our Falun Dafa practitioners should keep strong righteous thoughts at all times. These righteous thoughts should be completely assimilated with the true reality and principles of the universe after the Fa-rectification. It is one hundred percent pure, unselfish, benevolent, solemn, great, complete non-omission, indestructible and endlessly beautiful. A Falun Dafa practitioner who is strengthened by pure righteous thoughts is actually a divine being that has completely stepped out of ordinary humanness. In this kind of state, every word that a Dafa practitioner says will be strong enough to touch a person's heart and destroy all evil.

There are perhaps Dafa practitioners in the course of cultivation who still have a "human side" who cannot completely achieve this, but nevertheless, having high standards for ourselves is crucial. Some practitioners never compromise in facing the evil persecution. They are remarkable. However when a practitioner says something like: "Even if there is only one person practicing Falun Dafa, that person must be me," he is saying a human's brave words, but not the Fa. Quite frankly, this statement is dangerous, and has no power. This statement cannot truly make one determined in cultivation. Hidden in this statement are human attachments such as the competitive mentality, the attachment of showing off, and the lack of steadfastness in Dafa. These human attachments could prolong a practitioner's tribulations, and that is exactly what the evil is expecting.

Today, all the Dafa practitioners who have the chance to cultivate in this Fa-rectification period are the most prestigious and the greatest lives in the universe. We have already had the power to protect the universe and eliminate the evils. Every word and every action of ours should make good our great historical vows to safeguard the Fa, to save the sentient beings and to better the universe. They should eradicate the old evil forces of the universe and purify the old universe thoroughly.

At the present time, we should absolutely not accept any of the persecution against Dafa. We should and will be able to use our power to eradicate the persecution. All human manifestation is the arrangement of the old evil forces. We are persecuted because of the excuse that we still have a human side that is not well cultivated. Our divine side that is well cultivated will absolutely never be persecuted. It possesses all the power to eradicate all evils. The only way to destroy the persecution by the old forces is to step forward from humanness, and make full use of the indestructible divine power that is achieved in cultivating Dafa to eliminate the evil. The state in keeping with the Fa-rectification cultivation is to always keep strong righteous thoughts.

"However strong the righteous thoughts are, that's how great the power is." (Teacher's comment: "Also in a Few Words") Let every word we speak and every action we take be in accordance with the Fa. Let us put high and higher requirements for ourselves. Let us move towards Consummation with resplendent righteous thoughts.