A few days later, Ma Bo told me to gather my belongings. Then, I was grabbed by two women and put in a car. On the same day I was transferred to the Shenyang Shenxin Labor Camp.

Soon after I arrived at Shenxin Labor Camp, two team leaders from Masanjia came and announced that they would be prolonging my term in the Masanjia Labor Camp. Actually I was already four months over my term. Practitioners who had their terms prolonged included Zou Guirong and Yin Liping. I asked the team leaders why I was being detained in Shenxin while I had a prolonged term in Masanjia? They couldn't explain. When nine of us arrived, the Shenxin Labor Camp called in some traitors from the Longshan Labor Camp. Team leader Guo Yong and his assistant Deng Yang tried to use the experience they got from (brainwashing practitioners in) Masanjia and Zhangshi to brainwash us .

They forced us to sit on a small bench everyday and ordered the traitors to read aloud books that attacked Falun Gong. Once team leader Guo ordered that a videotape that attacked Teacher (Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong) be played. We refused to watch and were thrown into confinement, where traitors watched us. There were no beddings in the place where we were kept in confinement. I had only a short sleeve shirt on and a pair of thin pants. Lying down on the cold and hard floor, with mosquitoes attacking me constantly and viciously, I felt so cold that I couldn't sleep the whole night.

The next morning Guo came, handcuffed both my hands to iron bars, hung me in the air, and played audiotapes that slandered Teacher through speakers. He turned the volume to the maximum level and the sound was deafening. The handcuffs were digging into my skin and caused extreme pain in my wrists. I shouted a few times to have the handcuffs taken off. But nobody answered. By noontime a team leader came to take off the handcuffs, my wrists already had deep and coarse marks on them and my fingers were numb. In the afternoon, I was handcuffed again.

On the 3rd day, Deng Yang and Director Liu Jing came. Deng said that we had to write statements to admit our wrongdoing. I told them I did nothing wrong, the videotape was a vicious attack on Falun Dafa and I had the right to refuse to watch it. Deng then said, "If you don't write the statement, we will not let you out." In order to resist this endless evil persecution, two of us went on hunger strike. Finding out we were on hunger strike, team leader Song Xiaoshi handcuffed both of us till 10 p.m.

On the next day, the team leader called in four male guards to force-feed us. In the clinic, four male guards pressed down on my arms and legs and one of them pressed down on my head, making me totally unable to move. The doctor inserted a long tube into my nose. The strong sensation made me throw up many times. Eventually they force-fed me several tubes of liquids. While force-feeding, they said, "50 RMB (an amount of Chinese money, one tenth of the monthly salary for an average Chinese worker) for one feed." After the forced feeding, we were thrown into confinement again. In the noontime that day, my heart rate began to increase, reaching 118 pulses per minute. The next morning I had a fever. By noontime, the Director Gao of Shengyang City Judiciary Bureau came. After discussion, they opened the door and let us out of confinement.

After a few days, I suddenly enlightened to the fact that if we always bear those tortures without an end, we would be unable to catch up with the progress of Fa-rectification. So many people were still not aware of the truth; we shouldn't let the evil forces persecute us with no end. At that time, five of us were over our terms and had our terms illegally prolonged, so we started a hunger strike to ask for release. Before that, although we had written letters of appeal and asked the police in Shenxin to hand them to related official departments, we had never heard anything back. From the second day of our hunger strike we were forced fed. Once my nose started to bleed a lot from the insertion of the tubes. When this happened they not only had no mercy but also continued the force-feeding.

Another time the doctor used greater force when inserting the pipe, and somehow, I suddenly couldn't breath or speak. I struggled and was eventually able to say, "Stop it, I can't breathe." That made them stop. I asked them why I couldn't breath and if they had accidentally inserted the tube in my air pathway? They laughed. After a while, they continued inserting the tube. On the 9th day, we were sent to confinement. I laid on the hard and chilly floor with only a 50 pulses/minute heartbeat. Later on my face and legs were all swollen and it was very difficult for the IV needles to penetrate my skin. Even if the needle was in, the flow was still very slow. The team leader kept saying they would not be responsible if we died and that we would be counted as suicides.

People with kind hearts, do you know that was the only way for practitioners, who would not fight back when beaten or sworn at, to resist the illegal detention and vicious torture in this forced-labor camp? The evil forces appeared to be strong but actually they were the weakest. With our resistance, they eventually gave in. I also sent forth righteous thoughts every day, recited the Fa-rectification phrases taught by Teacher and sent forth righteous thoughts to have us released. Soon I was released. Before I was released, the Shenxin Labor Camp forced my family to pay 700 Yuan RMB (Over one month's salary for an average Chinese worker) in force-feeding costs.

One thing I wanted to point out is that when Masanjia most viciously persecuted Falun Gong practitioners there were some practitioners who failed to maintain their xinxing (mind-nature, moral character) in the tribulation and who were forced to write statements slandering Dafa and Teacher against their will. I was one of them. I published a statement to void everything I had said and written while I was not clear minded, but still I had let Teacher down. I felt regretful when facing my great compassionate Teacher. Here I wanted to share a piece of my own experience: there is no test impossible to pass and there is no tribulation impossible to go through, so long as we have a righteous heart and righteous thoughts.

My personal experience is only one example among thousands of Dafa practitioners' experiences. The reason I wrote it down is to tell people unaware of the truth about the situation of Dafa practitioners who are being tortured in jails.

In the labor camps I have been in the past year, I have met team leaders with all kinds of attitudes. Some of them even said such evil words, "Just don't practice Falun Gong. You can even go home and become a prostitute, we won't interfere." Some said, "We know you are good people too, but the higher authorities won't let you go, so we can do nothing about it." Some said, "Why don't you just lie and write down the 'Three Pledges'? Why can't you go home and practice secretly?" How could the great law of universe be practiced covertly? We practitioners do everything upright, everything we do and say is righteous and open. Even in the most brutal persecution, we still uphold our belief and the truth. The purpose of clarifying the truth is to tell people: Falun Dafa is Good! Falun Dafa is truly the great virtuous Fa that can provide salvation to people! We are willing to give up everything in order to do this.

I hope everybody can get to know Falun Gong in a positive way and not be deceived by the lies. Under the overwhelming evil persecution, if one cannot tell the righteous from the evil, that would be a pity. If a nation cannot, that would be the tragedy of the nation! All kind-hearted people, can the facts written with so many practitioners' blood and lives wake up your righteous thoughts? Please keep in mind the thoughts of "Falun Dafa is good!" Your eternal life will benefit from it forever!