I am a female Falun Dafa practitioner. Around 7:00 p.m., September 13, while I was distributing pictures that told the truth about Falun Gong in a 20-story building in Beijing, a resident on the 18th floor spotted me. It turned out that this female resident was completely misled by the lies broadcast in TV programs and held an extremely negative attitude against Dafa. I kept clarifying the truth to her while she dragged me all the way down to the ground floor, and another wicked man dialed 110 [Note: police emergency response number] to call in the police after learning what happened. I told them that Dafa practitioners are all good people and to help a practitioner is to do something good. I also said they should not send kind and innocent people into prison to suffer from misery and torture since good and bad each receive its reward or retribution. However, both the man and the woman replied, "I'm not afraid of retribution. I am simply not afraid of retribution!"

At that moment, I felt so sad for them. A lot of people gathered around, and a couple sided with the man and the woman. Most of them were silent and sympathetic, yet they dared not voice their opinions. The 110 police came right away and they took me to the Chaowai Street Police Substation. The policemen searched my bag and found over 200 truth-revealing pictures plus 100 self-adhesive sheets. (I was saddened by the loss of so many truth materials. Here, I would like to remind my fellow practitioners that not being afraid is not being relaxed. We have to be cautious and well-planned in order not to let the evil take any advantage.) It could be the examples in the materials about vicious police officers receiving retribution or the astounding exposure of police atrocities in the pictures that the evil was restrained. They were afraid that they themselves might be exposed or receive retribution, and thus they didn't overly resort to cursing or physical abuse.

At the moment, when I was taken into police custody, I made up my mind that wherever they took me, whatever torture was applied, I would definitely not give out my name or cooperate with the evil. I was determined not to yield even at the cost of losing my life. Later on, I had some second thoughts, I wondered why I thought about being tortured. They didn't deserve to touch even a single hair of mine. They really didn't deserve that. Then I was pleased to have this notion: I will leave this place without having a single hair on my head damaged.

By 11:00 p.m., they figured that they wouldn't be able to extract my name and decided to chain me in a chair, placed me inside an iron cage and then locked the cage. Two men kept an eye on me all the time at the door of the cage watching my every movement. That night two wicked guards (one of whom had the last name of Ma) stayed up all night. They seemed to enjoy watching me being locked inside the cage. Their bodies were full of karma and they were humming a tune while watching me at an angle.

Throughout the next day, I was kept locked in the chair except for going to the restroom. When I went to the washroom two people one on on either side of me held my arms. There were a lot of police officers going in and out the yard, but I never gave up the thought of escaping. However, there wasn't an opportunity. When I was locked back into the chair again, I felt a little despair arise in my human mind. It seemed that I wouldn't be able to get out no matter what. Since I was quite slim, the iron chair did not bother me too much. The first time I sat in it I knew that it couldn't tie me up. However, how could I get out of the iron cage with the steel lock on it? In my eyes, there was no way that my head could go through the gaps between the thick iron bars. Plus, the gaps between the bars on the door were designed in proportion to the size of one's head. If someone could sneak out, how could it ever lock anyone in? The police must have thought about the same thing, so they didn't put handcuffs on me. (Actually these were all human notions. What is seen through human eyes, as well as understood with human thoughts has restricted humans themselves.)

The police had told me that the next step was to send me to the Tuanhe Labor Camp in Beijing, and there were ways to force me to talk over there. I thought that I would never give in even at the cost of giving up my life! Then I thought if I was persecuted to death, wouldn't the evil have achieved its goal and become even more unrestrained. This would be an insult to Dafa! I had to thwart the evil and make an action againt it's interferrence. I had to go out to continue my work for Dafa, and wait with dignity and honor for the day when Dafa rectifies the human world!

After 4:00 a.m. on September 15, I woke up in the iron chair to see both guards were asleep. I started to send forth righteous thoughts by reciting Teacher's verses of eliminating the evil. (Although, I had recited the verses before, my righteous thoughts weren't strong for I was restricted by the human notion that the gap between the iron bars was not wide enough for me to go through.) I started to deploy my supernormal abilities (which I knew I was equipped with as I had experienced them and, more importantly, Teacher has already told us so.) I continuously requested Teacher to strengthen my righteous thoughts and asked for help from Teacher. Then I was able to get off the chair without much hassle. I walked close to the door of the iron cage and tentatively stretched my neck. What happened was that my head went through between the iron bars. Since the door of the iron cage would make a huge noise when touched, I tightly held onto the door to prevent any sound. Then I moved one leg, then my upper body, head, and the entire body until they were out of the cage. I sent forth another thought not to let the two guards wake up. I stepped over their legs and came to an alloy steel door left a little ajar. I sent forth a thought not to let this door make any noise either, and then pushed it slightly. The door opened in silence. I ran into the yard and then onto the street. I hid myself in a quiet place for about 30 minutes. Since it was not yet 5:00 a.m. there were no buses on the road. Walking alone was an easy target. Later, it was a kind-hearted freight driver who gave me a ride, and I then took a taxi to return home. I couldn't stop my tears from flowing when I was facing Teacher's portrait.

How I did I get out of the iron cage at that moment? It seemed to me that my Primordial Spirit led my flesh, which was reduced at that instant, to get out. It was so miraculous. I had further experienced the mighty power of Dafa, of righteous thoughts, and become further enlightened to Teacher's benevolent hints, help and salvation. ("Cherishing your human side enables you to enlighten to and ascend in the Fa." From Teacher's article Expounding the Fa.) It was Teacher who helped me to walk out of the cage and at the same time helped me to strip off one layer of the shell of human notions. I was reminded of what Teacher said, "When it's difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it's impossible to do, you can do it." (From Lecture Nine of Zhuan Falun, "People with Great Inborn Quality") I was enlightened that a God can do anything, and it is a human who cannot do it. I felt that I held up another layer of the universe, and transcended another level of heaven. And Teacher and Dafa endowed all of this. I was grateful to the mercy of Teacher, and as a practitioner I will cherish this pre-destined opportunity of cultivating during the Fa-rectification period with the blessing of the infinite grace of Buddha, and advance diligently!

October 21, 2001