August 21, 2001


My name is Jing Er, and I am a college student. On August 4th 2001, on the way to visit our relatives, my mother casually picked up two copies of truth-clarifying materials of Falun Gong. She read them and said that it's a pity to throw away such good materials, so she handed them out.

Somehow, our county Public Security Bureau found out. They immediately sent out police cars to arrest my mother. As a daughter, seeing my mother being arrested, I said to the policemen: "How can you treat an old woman like that! My mother just picked up these good materials and handed them out. What's wrong with that? You think you can block the truth?" Then, they shoved me into the police car, too.

At the Public Security Bureau, they illegally took our pictures and interrogated us. As I firmly refused to admit to any crime, they tried to use force upon me. They hung me up onto a window with only my toes touching the floor. An evil policeman named Guo, slammed my head against the wall, but still I didn't give up. They didn't stop torturing me until quitting time. Then they illegally put me into the Second Detention Center.

In the morning of the 8th, six evil policemen including Tao, Gan, and Hu took me to a hotel room to interrogate me. At first, they tried to be nice to me. However, seeing that I wouldn't co-operate with them, the police Gan grabbed my hair and threw me onto a bed and asked me to sing songs, dance, and squat down. As I still refused to follow any orders, they started to abuse me and to hit me. Then they asked me to kneel down, I told them clearly: "As a Dafa practitioner, I will only kneel to my Master, I will never kneel to evil!"

Then they beat me even more viciously. I started to feel a bit dizzy, but my heart was clear: I am a Dafa practitioner, and I am cultivating my own main spirit. I must keep a clear mind and must bear hardships. I must send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate evil. Then I started to recite Master's verse: "The Fa rectifies the Cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated." A while later, they slowed down their abuse and hung me up with my hands behind my back until the next morning. Then they started to interrogate me again. I recited Master's verse again to eradicate the evil. The interrogation lasted until 5 o'clock in the afternoon, and then they sent me back to the detention center. When the cadres in the detention center saw me being beaten up to such a terrible extent, even they all expressed their sympathy to me.

When I got back to my cell, I collapsed on the hard board bed. Other practitioners came over to check on me and I heard their sighing. In the evening, I told them what had happened to me... it inspired them a lot. Late, after midnight, I checked inside to see if I had done anything wrong: I thought, things that happen to practitioners are not accidental. No matter how hard it will be, I must be a determined practitioner of Master Li, and never cooperate with the evil.

A few days later, they wanted to interrogate me again. I tried very hard to resist, and at last they had to give up. In order to resist the persecution, I went on a one-week hunger strike. Then my father came to see me. He wept because I was so thin and had wounds all over my body. I smiled and said to him: "Dad, I didn't do anything wrong. I only tried to say a few words for mother. I will do everything in accordance with Master Li's teaching. Dad, you should be happy, in the future I will be well rewarded." My Dad smiled. I know he trusted me and supported me.

The Security Bureau realized that they couldn't change my firm belief in Dafa, so after 20 days' detention they made an announcement: I could be released if my family turned in 3,000 Yuan RMB.

To the lawless policemen, I would say, it's pitiful that you have lost your human virtue! Our civilized country has developed to this point today, it's really sorrowful to see these kinds of shameless hooligans running rampant. Kind-hearted people, please have a look: just for a citizen's true and fair words, Jiang XX's political gang of scoundrels persecuted me so severely. It's unfair, isn't it?

He who has lost the people's support will lose the country. Jiang XX's political gang of scoundrels going against heaven's law will be exterminated for sure!