Yuan Jiang graduated from the Department of Electronic Engineering of Tsinghua University in July of 1995. He started practicing Falun Gong in 1993 when he was a student. He had attended the Falun Dafa seminars given by Mr. Li Hongzhi four times and became a steadfast practitioner. After graduation, he went back to Lanzhou City, Gansu Province and began to spread Falun Dafa in the city and its vicinity.

According to local people, at that time Yuan Jiang practiced Falun Gong exercises alone every morning on the playground at the Northwest Normal University. For a long time it was just him and a banner. But he kept on practicing every day. Within a short period of one or two years, the number of people participating in the practice, in the urban area alone, reached tens of thousands. It is almost certain that Yuan Jiang's quiet yet everlasting efforts had contributed to the rapid spread of Falun Dafa in Gansu Province and the Northwest region of China. In 1995, he became the head of the Falun Gong volunteer assistance center in Gansu Province.

Yuan Jiang was a kind and honest person with outstanding talents. He used to be the Vice General Manager of the Information Technology Engineering Co., an affiliate to the Telecommunications Bureau in the city of Lanzhou. He was later removed from the position and made chief technical executive because he wouldn't give up practicing Falun Dafa. He was widely recognized in the City Telecommunications Bureau as one of the leading technical people and middle-level executives.

Yuan Jiang was forced to leave his home in January of 2001 to avoid persecution. He moved from place to place, quietly helping spread the truth of Falun Dafa. Because of his traveling about, he couldn't have meals on a regular basis, but this never deterred him in spreading the practice. He was not even eloquent at expressing his ideas, but he often said, "Following [the Fa] in everything, Compliance is cultivation." (Solid Cultivation. Hong Yin)

Yuan Jiang was arrested on August 30, 2001 near Dunhuang, Gansu Province. He was discovered by police while riding a bus without an ID. According to some insiders, the Ministry of Public Security in Beijing had just given a secret order at that time for the police and military forces to stop ten or more practitioners traveling on their way from Changchun, Jilin Province to Xinjiang Province via the Gansu Corridor. So the police painstakingly checked all passengers for identification.

Upon news of his arrest, the evil people in the police department of Gansu Province were overjoyed. They used this despicable incident as a bargaining chip to increase their chances for promotion. According to the normal procedures, Yuan should have been sent to the detention center. But it was not convenient for the people in the police department to use physical torture to extract the information they wanted, for the detention center "has its rules": the policemen within the detention center have full authority to beat detainees. But they are not to receive any one injured from the beatings inflicted by another department.

Therefore, the police department of the province pressured the Provincial Telecommunications Bureau to find a proper place for them. From their point of view, there were several advantages for that: First, the police department didn't have to spend any money; the cost was on the Provincial Telecommunications Bureau. Second, in case something happened, the responsibility could be shared by the two organizations. Third, the policemen handling the case could enjoy free food and accommodations.

Following the requirements of the police department, the Provincial Telecommunications Bureau provided a garden of theirs at the back of the White Pagoda Hill in Lanzhou City. It is a place located five miles away from the downtown area of Lanzhou City, surrounded by mountains covered with flourishing woods. There are luxurious villas for the high ranking officials in the province and those in the Telecommunications Bureau. As the weather was getting cold and no visitors were seen, the police were pleased to have such an isolated place with excellent living conditions all to their own. They quickly moved in, taking with them two instruments for conducting torture.

Yuan Jiang knew so much information. The faces of volunteer assistants around the country were all in his mind. You can imagine what happened to him in the following days. It is too bloody to describe. However, the indestructible Yuan Jiang was withstanding the torture. He didn't betray any practitioners, nor did he give the evil any chances.

Yuan had been tortured for nearly two months in that place. Around October 26, 2001, a chance miraculously popped out. With much effort, Yuan escaped from that evil den. He was very weak and couldn't walk far. So he climbed into a cave in the mountain. In the cold of late October in the northwestern region, he was unconscious for four days in the cave. Meanwhile, 2000 police and military men canvassed the whole city of Lanzhou in search of him.

The sirens faded out. Yuan Jiang literally crawled out of the mountain. In the darkness of night, he went to a practitioner's place, where he received good care. But he had a high fever and often fell unconscious, obviously with some internal injuries. Yuan Jiang tenaciously sustained his life till November 9. He left the world due to serious injuries he received from the torture.

After Yuan died, the police took away his body to eliminate the evidence. They immediately began a large-scale search and captured many practitioners who had assisted in taking care of Yuan. The police kept a close watch on Yuan's parents (his father is a professor and holds a chair at the Northwestern Normal University while his mother is a senior teacher in a school).

People and organizations involved in the persecution of Yuan Jiang:

Liu Xinlin, Zhao Lingzhi, Liu Xialin of the Telecommunications Bureau in the city of Lanzhou: 86-931-390-4594

The Telecommunications Bureau in the city of Lanzhou: 86-931-8866-8800, 86-931-882-6665

Operation Office: 86-931-880-0375

Human resources office: 86-931-882-1600

The human resources department of Shiye Co. 86-931-390-4602

Feitian Netscape Co: 86-931-886-9888, 86-931-827-6009

The police department in Lanzhou City: 86-931-846-2851

The office handling the issue of Falun Gong (located at a place called Yantan): 86-931-851-1960, ask for Section One

The police department of Gansu Province: No. 58, Qingyang Road, Lanzhou City. Tel: 86-931-8827961

The State Security Department of Gansu Province: 86-931-8888000

The Judiciary Department of Gansu Province: Floor 12, No. 100, Gaolan Road. Tel: 86-931-8844062

The Judiciary Bureau of Lanzhou City: East Binhe Road. Tel: 86-931-846-2352

The Senior Court of Gansu Province: Qingyang Road. Tel: 86-931-885-0116

The Middle Level Court of Lanzhou City: East Xijin Road. Tel: 86-931-235-2511

The People's Procuratorate of Gansu Province: Gaolan Road. Tel: 86-931-841-8033

The People's Procuratorate of Lanzhou City: Wudu Road. Tel: 86-931-846-5621

The government office of Gansu Province: No 1, Central Square. Tel: 86-931-846-5941

The Legislation Bureau of Gansu Province: No 1, Central Square. Tel: 86-931-846-5941