(Clearwisdom.net) There was a time when evil was a constant, unwelcome presence in my dreams. I'd often dream of snakes jumping around my body in the room, and often, after waking and for some time after, my head would be numb. I was perplexed, for although I knew something was wrong with me, I couldn't find the real answer. One day at midnight, I was again woken up from my dreams, and my head ached. I suddenly saw a scene of countless little snakes climbing onto my pillowcase, and it was then that I realized the evil was the source of interference.

Although such evil things are lifeless in this dimension, all of them are alive in other dimensions and are among those we must destroy. Therefore, I took off the pillowcase and threw it in the garbage bin. I carefully checked things in my room and found many clothes that had pictures of poisonous animals, as well as many toys with abominable figures on them and other pictures with bad figures. I burned them all.

That night, I had a dream in which I saw three snake caves on a mountain, and the snakes in two of the caves were burned by the fire I had lit and died outside the cave opening; the third one saw me and immediately slithered away. By then, I was awake and realized that more cleaning needed to be done. After a careful search, I remembered I had some pictures of people who had been deluded by the evil and were now taking its side. Therefore, as soon as dawn broke, I went to find those pictures and burned them; they made a hissing sound as they burned. Then I knew the old forces use all kinds of methods to interfere with us. When they were about to be annihilated, they changed into snakes and were destroyed in this dimension.

My understanding is that any unrighteous things in our dimension are likely to be used by the evil old forces in other dimensions to interfere with our cultivation. All unrighteous things in human society can be used by the evil forces in other dimensions to create interference for cultivators, including cultivators' way of standing and walking, their words and actions, their clothing and ornaments, and even their home environment. All these aspects are tests of a practitioner's cultivation. Don't take them as trivial things. Personally, I think this is a manifestation of Dafa practitioners' harmonious, diamond-like perfection and determination, whose very sight the evil will naturally dread.