The full name of the 610 Office is "The Office of the Central Committee of the Chinese XX Party Dealing with Falun Gong Issues." Because it was set up on June 10, 1999, it is commonly referred to as the "610 Office." The director of the 610 office is Li Lanqing, and its day-to-day operations are supervised by Luo Gan, the National Party Secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee. The 610 Office is the decision-making organization set up by Jiang Zemin's group to persecute Falun Gong. Since July 22, 1999, the 610 Office has been primarily responsible for the nationwide campaign to slander Master Li and persecute Dafa practitioners. The 610 Office has the authority to disregard party guidelines and national laws, placing itself above the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, officially the most powerful State organization. It tramples on the Chinese Constitution, wantonly using the media to launch propaganda campaigns and fabricate rumors slandering Falun Dafa and Teacher. In order to justify the persecution of Falun Gong, the 610 office has come up with endless lies in its attempt to fool the masses and stir up public opinion against Falun Gong. It uses Public Security Bureaus, the court system, the police, and local governments at all levels to arrest, detain and sentence practitioners. Under their direct orders, the police have brutally persecuted the practitioners who have stepped forward to validate Dafa. They use the most brutal methods to torture these determined practitioners. According to Jiang Zemin's orders, "No punishment is too harsh when dealing with Falun Gong;" "It's counted as suicide if a practitioner is beaten to death;" "Directly cremate the body without checking the identity;" The police have caused the deaths of at least 300 Dafa practitioners, confident that they would not be held accountable. Hundreds of practitioners have been sentenced to jail, and tens of thousands have been sent to labor camps. Countless practitioners have been detained.

Previously, the 610 Office operated in the background, and most people had either never heard of it or had only vague impressions of it. This organization tended to stay behind the scenes and direct others to carry out its orders. Since the orchestrated, self-deceiving production of the self-immolation at Tiananmen Square was staged on the Chinese New Year this year, the 610 Office has come to the forefront in the persecution. The 610 Offices at all levels in every area seem to be competing with each other to persecute Dafa practitioners, completely revealing their true, evil nature.

The 610 Office has been established at all levels, from the Party's Central Committee, every province and autonomous region down to residential districts, townships and villages. This formerly unknown organization has now come center stage because of its persecution of Falun Gong. They fanatically go after the practitioners on their "blacklist" as well as their relatives and even their workplaces. They use the feudal method of "involving all relatives in a criminal case" to seize, arrest, and kidnap practitioners. They also intimidate and deceive relatives to turn in practitioners for brainwashing classes, attempting to force practitioners to give up their cultivation practice. Below are two examples that expose the crimes committed by the 610 Office.

Practitioner A is a medical doctor who is well known for her integrity, superb skill, and popularity among her patients. After July 22, 1999, she resigned from her job and withdrew from the Party. She went to appeal for Falun Gong but was illegally detained for over a month. When she was released, the patients in the hospital submitted a joint letter to the hospital demanding her return. The hospital had no choice but to invite her back to hospital. After May 1 this year, the local 610 Office took her away by force three times (once from her home, twice from her workplace) to a brainwashing class, and she has yet to be released from the latest "class." Her father is an eighty-year-old Red Army veteran. He is seriously ill and misses his daughter very much.

Practitioner B, in her sixties, is a retired teacher. She had been involved with education for more than 30 years, working diligently and conscientiously. She was an excellent teacher, highly praised by both students and their parents. Two years ago, she stepped forward to validate Dafa and was illegally detained. Since her release, the neighborhood committee, local police station and the neighborhood administration office have continually harassed her. Sometimes, they called her at 3 AM, waking up her entire family. Whenever there was a "sensitive date," the police took her away to the police station. In order thwart the evil's plans and to avoid implicating her family, she has left her home. However, the 610 office personnel still call and disturb her family. They went to her former school many times, interfering with the students' learning. They have also repeatedly harassed her children, her husband, and his colleagues, severely disrupting their daily lives. Furthermore, they have sought out her siblings and friends, causing havoc in their lives. Everyone involved is filled with indignation for such frenzied persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners and their families by the 610 Office. This practitioner has many brothers and sisters, school mates, colleagues, students and their parents who have been hounded by the 610 office. Many of them are state cadres and high-level intellectuals. The evil persecution of a kindly, 60-year-old lady who simply spoke a few words of truth to the government is so vicious. One can only imagine the bloody persecution against those practitioners who went to Tiananmen Square several times and unfurled banners. Before, many people believed the news media's lies and propaganda about Falun Gong. After being faced with the facts, they have awakened to the truth.

People cannot help asking, "Whose interests does the 610 Office serve? Why do they brutalize the kind and the innocent so viciously?" Some students asked, "What kind of brainwashing classes or schools are being run by the 610 Office?" If it is a class or a school, people should attend willingly. How could they force and even kidnap practitioners to go there. They treat practitioners as criminals and brainwash them. If the practitioners refuse, they are shocked with electric batons. Sometimes, more than ten people simultaneously assault a practitioner physically and verbally, not allowing them to use the bathroom, etc. What kind of school could be so barbaric and so unreasonable? It goes too far.

Teacher said in "Some Thoughts of Mine", "...do they want to estrange more than 100 million people from the government? What kind of government would be so inconceivable? Furthermore, who among these 100 million people doesn't have a family and children, or relatives and friends? Is it merely a question of 100 million people? "

The 610 Office is intent on serving as hatchet men for Jiang Zemin, but evil will not overwhelm righteousness. There will be due retribution for good and evil. When the truth is disclosed, that will be the time for members of the evil 610 Office to be tried by justice, conscience and law.