Three days later, on July 27, we were called out and taken into a police vehicle. On the way, the police officers that were in charge of the vehicle took out a sheet for me to sign. Only until then was I aware that I had been illegally sentenced to one year of forced labor reeducation, and the site was Masanjia Labor Camp in Shenyang Province. I was sent to the Branch Team #4 in Large Team #1 of the Second Female Camp. The chief of the labor camp was Su Jing. The leader of the large team was Wang Naimin. And the leader of the small team, who was directly in charge of me, was Zhang Xiurong.

I recall the following incidents at the labor camp. I was just sitting down when some renegades started to work on me by pouring in their deviated reasoning. They did not allow me to go to bed until 3:00 a.m. They did the same thing the next morning, and again, this continued throughout the night and past midnight. These renegades talked endlessly as they repeated their arguments. I did not even bother to think about what they said, as they contradicted themselves. They mentioned Teacher repeatedly, yet they played the role of Judas, the traitor, at the same time. After half a month, Team Leader Zhang ran out of patience, and showed her true evil face. She threatened me time and again with these words, "The government educates the majority, and cracks down on the extremely handful [of determined Falun Gong practitioners]. Did you hear that clearly? Cracking down on the extremely handful." She also isolated me alone in a so-called "quadruple-prevention" room and punished me by forcing me to squat half way down. Some renegades also started to harrass and attempt to intimidate me.

One night, Team Leader Zhang was on duty and she asked me if I was going to write statement of repentance. I said, "I have nothing to repent, and what am I going to write? Going to Beijing to file an appeal is the legal right of each citizen. To say a word of the truth does not violate any of the country's law. What do I have to repent?" She replied, "I do not care what you think, what I need is this format. Are you going to write or not?" I insisted on not writing. She then dragged me to the office, and held my hair extremely tightly. She dragged me from one end of the office to the other. While dragging, she slapped my face as well. Yang Jianhong, who was in charge of the "quadruple-prevention" room, came to help her too. Yang was used for heavy-duty, and she slapped me on the face several times. The team leader kicked me with both the front and back of her feet, and then she picked up an electric baton and discharged electric shocks on my face and neck. I was beaten so badly by both of them. Becoming dizzy, I fell on the ground and could not get up. In the end, Team Leader Zhang said, "You listen, I will give you two more days. We have plenty of ways to deal with you. I am going to tell Leader Wang of the large team. The two of us will take care of you." On the same night, renegades Qu Xiuyun and Yu Xiaoli surrounded me and talked with me until past 4:00 a.m. of the following day. After this, it became routine that I was to be beaten and punished.

During the daytime, I was taken to the "quadruple-prevention" room for squatting half-way down. Renegades, assigned by the team leader, were by my side to watch over me. Sometimes, when the team leader awoke from an afternoon nap and found that I was not squatting low enough, she would pull my hair and beat me at will. My hair was always in a mess, and I had lost a lot of hair as well. Except during meals, I had to squat half-way down or bend over with my head facing towards the ground. Since it was summer, sweat soaked my clothes and a strong acidic smell emitted from my body. Those renegades that watched kept laughing and jeering at me. Also, the team leader was often pleased with my suffering and made sarcastic comments about me. Most of the renegades continued to change their attitudes for the worse. When they observed that I was not willing to listen to them talk about their deviated enlightenment, they would slap my face as they wished. On another occasion, while several renegades surrounded me and were talking, renegade Ruan Ying (from Dalian City) suddenly rushed over. She pulled away the stool which I was sitting on and cursed me.

At night, the renegades had their own work shifts. Some would be asleep while others would keep an eye on me as I was punished to squat down. Usually, they were replaced by a different group every two hours and took turns in torturing me. Sometimes, they gathered together and mumbled to discuss the ways in which they could force me and other practitioners to give up "Truth-Compassion-Tolerance" as soon as they wished. The night was dark, so dark that it seemed as if it was in hell. A lot of practitioners were lined up along the corridor and in the restroom. Almost each practitioner was surrounded by a group of renegades. Practitioners were cursed and beaten. Miserable cries were often heard from the restroom.

At one point, we were organized to read books that defamed Teacher and Falun Dafa. Of course, I refused to read. Team Leader Zhang kicked me to the ground and slapped my face. She then dragged me to the "quadruple-prevention" room for a severe beating. As a result, my face was cut open. The scar on my face still remains to this day. During that incident, Zhang threatened to extend my term. Several days later, with no surprise, she brought with her a notice of offense records. Each offense resulted to ten days of extra forced labor.

I once received a letter from my father while I was illegally sentenced and detained. Cell head Qu Xiuyun (released by now) tried to force me to read the letter aloud to everyone. I refused. She then punished me to squat. She then ordered some renegades to take turns in reading the letter right in front of me. I was not allowed to go to bed until all of them finished reading. I was then ordered to squat half way down in the middle of the room. My body grew tired, I began to sweat and I could no longer maintain the squat position. Then the renegades held me down with one on each side. Whenever I was unable to resume the squat position, they kicked, punched and slapped me. This torture lasted until daybreak.

During a late night, while I was being punished to bend over, renegade Yang Lin and Yue Shuaimo (released by now) both forced me down by pressing on my back. My legs ached so much as if they were broken. Sweat rolled down my head. There were also other practitioners being punished in the same room. The renegades kept a close watch on me and on other practitioners, and would hit us if there were any slight changes in our squat positions. The punishment usually lasted from day to night, and proceeded to the morning after. Night after night we were not allowed to sleep.

(To be continued)