A Salutation Letter to Western Practitioners Who Came to Tiananmen Square to Rectify the Fa

We were overjoyed to hear that on November 20, 2001, 35 practitioners from 12 western countries came to Tiananmen to rectify the Fa, and that they attracted the attention of people around the world. Now everyone in the world knows: Falun Dafa is good!

The Chinese people have further learned about the fact that Dafa is widespread around the world, which powerfully eliminates the evil.

We sincerely admire these fellow western practitioners' heroic feat and congratulate them.

This incident has made us realize that the Fa rectification process has turned over a new page. In this critical historical moment of Fa rectification of the cosmos, we will make every effort to assist Teacher to rectify the Fa.

Practitioners in Suining City, Sichuan Province

November 25, 2001


Practitioners in Guangdong Province Hail Fellow Western Practitioners for Their Heroic Feat in Tiananmen Square! They Also Salute Practitioners Abroad Who Have Taken Steps to Rectify the Fa.


Practitioners in Hainan Province Salute Fellow Western Practitioners

Cosmic history will remember this magnificent moment at 2 p.m., November 20, 2001, when 35 western Falun Dafa practitioners left behind freedom and comfort, and with a righteous, indestructible belief in the law of the cosmos, and despite great danger, they came to Tiananmen Square to speak out for our great and benevolent Teacher, for Falun Dafa, and for the practitioners in China who have suffered untold torture.

Their heroic undertaking has moved the heaven and the earth and has encouraged practitioners in China. Let's hope that together, practitioners in China and abroad will make rapid progress until "the Fa rectifies the cosmos, and the evil is completely eliminated!"

Practitioners in Hainan Province

November 25, 2001


Practitioners in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Congratulate Western Practitioners Upon Their Fa Rectification in Tiananmen Square