Thousands of years ago our ancestors left us with this virtue:

"Honor the elders of other families as we would honor our own; Care for the children of other families as we would care for our own."

Yet this virtue has been brutally stamped out in today's China under Jiang Zemin's regime of state terrorism.

At 8 p.m. on October 5, 2001, a group of policemen from the East Street Police Squad in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province went to practitioner Zhang Xiuchen's home, wanting to take him away. Zhang refused to open the door for them because the police had no reason to arrest him, nor did they have the proper legal documents to arrest him. Soon the policemen began to pummel and kick the door. The police finally opened the door with a universal key and in order to evade capture Zhang Xiuchen jumped from the fourth floor. His whereabouts are still unknown. Only one policeman in the gang quickly flashed his badge in front of Zhang's family members. They forced Zhang's younger brother and Zhang's wife to remove everything from their pockets. Zhang's 70-year-old mother asked them why they came in the evening, banged on the door, broke into the house, and forced the residents to give them their belongings? A young policeman, (a thin man of medium height, whose name is unknown), kicked the harmless old lady straight in the chest, while saying, "Stop blabbing." The son of the old lady prevented him from using further violence against the defenseless old lady, yet he continued to verbally abuse the family.

They confiscated the cash that they had found on Zhang's brother. They searched the house like gangsters, breaking one piece of furniture and stepping on the bed sheets with their shoes on. At that time, Zhang's sister phoned their house and the old lady answered the phone. When the young policeman who had just viciously kicked the old lady saw this, he slapped her in the face and then he snatched the phone from her. Under the repeated request of Zhang's sister, who was on the phone, the policeman said that they were from the East Street Police Squad.

They took the old lady, Zhang's brother and his wife to the police station for interrogation. On the way to the station the old lady felt very cold and she began to shake. Her daughter-in-law was forced to squat in the aisle of the van, even though there were vacant seats. When they arrived at the police station, the old lady's body was very stiff and she was shaking due to her extreme fright. She was so scared that she couldn't even speak. Even though this old lady was in such bad condition, the chief officer still didn't care. The young policeman who slapped her ruthlessly said, " You are pretending to be ill." When Zhang's sister and brother-in-law arrived they strongly demanded that their mother be sent to the hospital. At first the police didn't respond to this request. Seeing that she was really in a critical situation, the police finally released her. The old lady was sent to hospital for emergency medical treatment where she stayed there till 4 a.m. The Police Squad confiscated all the cash that they had found in Zhang's house. But they didn't mention anything about the fee for the medical care that the family would have to pay for the old lady. When Zhang's family went to the police station to ask for their money back, the police kept 40 Yuan (Two days average salary in China)) as they claimed that it was for the "cost of prying open their door." They deliberately broke into the house of a citizen in the evening, physically abused an old lady, and then they even asked their victims to pay for the cost of their "robbery". Where is the justice? How are these policemen any different from gangsters?

Several days later, the police of the Hedong Police Station went to the place where Zhang's sister worked, once they arrived they harassed her for allowing some practitioners to use her cell phone. They then pressured her to write a statement that promised that she wouldn't practice Falun Gong. (She is a non-practitioner). They even required her workplace to write a letter of confirmation that she wasn't practicing Falun Gong.

The perpetrators:

The East Street Police Squad: Chief Officer Li Zhong, Tel: 86-311-6068896

The Hedong Police Station in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province: Address: No.33, South Jianshe Street. Tel: 86-311-5055880

The police Squad 86-311-5052891

Written on November 15, 2001